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Is the presence of many BTLE Devices preventing Bluetooth unlocking?


About 90% of the times I come home, stand in front of the door, open the lockitron app, tap the green unlock button, nothing happens at all. The Bluetooth symbol is visible in the lower right of the app. To get the lockitron to unlock I usually have to turn Bluetooth off on my iPhone 8 (iOS 11.2.x) and then the lockitron will immediately respond to the unlock button.
I am wondering if this is because I carry many BTLE devices in my bag (8 to 10) regularly when I try to use the Lockitron. Most of these are Tile Bluetooth locator beacons. There are also two other iPhone users of the Lockitron often present in the very small house (900 SQ ft).
The bridge is about 5 feet from the lock, and the wifi base station is about 2 feet from the Bridge.
Firmware is 1496963301
Any thoughts?


@Sfire hmm, when you upgraded to the iPhone 8 did you fully uninstall and re-install the app? I would do that then reboot the phone and see if the performance improves.

There seems to be some low level Bluetooth identifier that gets cached by iOS and doesn’t get cleared when the app is migrated to a new phone, thus creating problems like this. It’s a bit outside the scope of our app but we’re keeping an eye on it. Having other Bluetooth devices shouldn’t impact performance, but that is quite a few.

Not relevant here, but 2 feet from WiFi can be too strong and saturate the antenna on Bridge (if you ever encounter issues sending command via WiFi).