Just got my Bolt, have a question and some comments

Hi! So I just got my bolt and installed it and everything, was fairly easy but setting up bridge failed for me about 8 times before I finally got it working. Since then it seems to be working perfectly fine. The build quality seems great(much better than my Sesame Smart Lock), but the installation was definitely way more work than the Sesame, though they fill two different roles in that manner.

I’m just wondering if you guys will be adding an auto-lock function to the Bolt? So far it seems that the Sesame and the Bolt share most of the same features outside of auto-locking(not including the bridge, which will be coming at a later time). The way the Sesame team has it implemented is you can choose a time delay for how long until it auto-locks. This is something I think is very important and couldn’t be that hard to implement.

I also am wondering about the keypad, I know you posted in an update about it(or in the bolt shipping thread), but am too lazy to go looking through that right now. What is a rough ETA on when those will start being available? I know you still have to ship a ton of Bolts, so I’m not rushing, just asking for a very rough idea.

I’ll probably post a review video in a week or so after using it more. So far it seems to works well with the bridge, I tried on and off wifi and bluetooth and it worked every time, which is a good sign so far! I’m excited to see if sense works as well as it does with my Sesame, it’s been incredibly awesome not even having to take out my phone to unlock my door, without fail, for the last 4-5 months.

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As you noted, Bridge can be a bit tricky to blink up. We’re aware of this issue and will have some big improvements to this step in the next version. Some things that help are being in a darker space and turning one’s phone’s brightness to max. Some things that hurt are fluorescent lights.

Auto-lock was something we had implemented as a simple timer. As you suggest, this approach isn’t difficult. But. We weren’t quite happy with this and ultimately decided to show a bit of restraint rather than release this feature. The code is there. It’s intentionally not turned on.

The rationale was something like this: just as “Sense Unlock” should never, ever unlock for strangers, “Sense Lock” should never, ever lock you out of your own home. It’s a small percentage of the time that locking you out (with a timer) can happen but it does happen and it’s absolutely totally miserable when it does.

We don’t want to make products that make people miserable. Ever.

For us Sense has always been a family of features. It’s how your lock knows you’re there (and how it knows you’re not) and all the things it can do for you around that. We may put the timer version of auto-lock back out there but we’ve got some other versions I’m personally more excited about that tie into what we want Sense to be.

We’re finishing up some Keypad work at the factory. We’ll be shipping early next year with a release date to be announced soon. It also ties into Sense. And it is also great.

pmg you get me all pumped for keypad!


Wow, that reply, thank you for the detailed reply, most companies wouldn’t be willing or have the time to do that, this is why I have lots of hope for the future of my Bolt. I know I talked up my Sesame a lot in my post, but overall I have more hope for the future of the Lockitron than the Sesame. But yeah, I turned my lights off after the second time, I think I might have just been doing something wrong, or maybe the app was buggy, but whatevs that didn’t really matter to me, I got it working in an amount of time I considered fair enough =].

That is great to know about auto-lock, and although I wish it was in the app now, I completely understand your rationalizing behind it. I myself have actually had, although only one time, been locked out of my house because of exactly what you said, a complete accident when I shut the door completely to go take out the trash(I usually just leave it slightly open so I don’t have to bring my phone). It is extra cool to know you guys are working on another solution to this problem, especially the eventual use of the keypad in this idea.

Again thanks for the thorough reply, and I look forward to the future, as well as future news!


I have to admit that I’m disappointed about the lack of hands-free locking. I signed up for Lockitron over three years ago, thinking that it offered a true hands-free (or dig-out-a-key-or-phone-free) experience. The number one reason that I purchased it was so that my wife wouldn’t have to dig around her purse for any keys (or phone), whether coming or going, just like our car. She often has her hands full with the kids and their stuff. Of course, she has managed just fine without Lockitron, but getting out a phone, opening the app, and waiting for it to connect is simply a deal breaker. That’s why we like Sense for unlocking, and really need it, or something like it, for locking. The key works for locking, but you have to use much more force to turn it than the old deadbolt. Ironically, this make locking the door more inconvenient than it was before. Couldn’t you do the opposite of tap to unlock, or something like Kevo where you touch the bezel to lock? Your comment makes it sound like a hands-free locking solution isn’t happening for Bolt in the next couple of months (or maybe never). Am I right?

@Sarringt - I don’t work for Lockitron, but there are ways you can (kind of) set up auto lock on your way out, but they all depend on geofencing. Another potential solution would be Bolt Keypad, which I believe will have a button you can push to lock from the outside.

I personally use the widget on my iPhone to lock on the way out, and it just takes a couple seconds. Of course, everyone’s situation, equipment, etc will vary.

@Sarringt we’ve looked into having something like tap to unlock for this, but there are a few issues with it (namely the phones already have trouble hogging the Bluetooth connection and this would amplify it). I won’t rule it out as a possibility.

Bolt Keypad will be a big shortcut here; a single press to the lock button is all that’s needed to lock the door. But you’re right on a couple months; between something for auto-locking and Bolt Keypad it will be a little while. That said, Bolt Keypad is 100% functional with this feature, we’re just waiting on tooling (updating coming this week).

So, will my Bolt be replaced with Bolt Keypad? If I can’t get my current Bolt to do auto-locking or some other way of not having to dig in pocket or purse to lock, I’m not interested in keeping it.

Keypad is an add-on to Bolt. There is a connector on the back to add it for those who desire the functionality once it comes out.

@Sarringt as @afoolsgambit notes it will be an add on. Time based auto locking will be in our next firmware update and exposed to the apps a bit later on.

Yesterday we had a scenario where this would have come in handy. We just needed to rush into the house, grab something, then back out again. We didn’t want to wait for the app, so we locked using a key.
I am a backer, so I’m signed up to get a Bridge (although I haven’t received it). Could I get a keypad instead? When could I reasonably expect to get the keypad?

@Sarringt yes; March is our current expectation. We can send you a beta unit sooner, but it will be a bit wonky and not match the aesthetics.

What’s the return policy on the Bolt?

@Sarringt see http://help.lockitron.com/article/47-what-is-the-return-policy

That policy is rather unfair. I waited almost four years, then you send me a product which is missing a major feature which was one of the original selling points. That feature won’t be added until after the 30 day return period. And if I return it during that window because it is missing that major feature, you charge me $15, plus shipping. Anything you can do about that - like extend the return period until after the locking feature is added? It’s only fair.

@Sarringt sure; sorry for the confusion about Sense, I think we’ve only ever discussed it as an auto unlock in the last three years. Happy to extend so you can give it a fair shake.

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@cameron just wondering if sense can be porgrammed for less then 250km. i want the auto unlock feature but im not comfortable with that much space. is there a way to have it auto unlock when approaching the door closer? maybe 200 feet or less?

@Menooch18 Just to be clear, I don’t work for Lockitron.

That being said, this is a (simplified) version of how Location Services work on iOS:

Calibrate Location, Bluetooth

I don’t quite exactly know how it would work on Android (if that’s what you have), but I’d guess it would be pretty close.

Tl;dr The Sense distance is just when the Lockitron app starts checking for the lock, it only actually unlocks when you’re within 5-10 feet

Me: jaw on ground. Thanks, that’s downright neighborly of you!

Here are a couple of items I’m experiencing:

  1. I’m noticing that with my wife’s Android phone that Sense proximity isn’t consistent. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. She currently has proximity set to 250m, and have tried selecting Eager Connection, but it won’t stay selected. A few times, she has patiently stood outside the front door for around a minute before giving up and using the physical key. 2. Also, several times I’ve also experienced sitting in the house and waiting for more than a minute before “trying to connect” goes away. A couple of times, I gave up and took out the Lockitron’s batteries and put them back in again (it then connected). Any tips?