Just received (finally) my Lockitron

Well after a bit over 3.5yrs, I was surprised by a box at my doorstep yesterday! So thought I would give my feedback on the setup.

I have a few year old Schlage lock that was compatible. I installed the lock arm through the horizontal hole and not vertically which solved normal key operations. Vertically it would retract the lock about halfway when removing the key from lock.

For the Lockitron mounting plate I had to drill the two middle holes out to 1/4in so the Schlage bolts would fit. 1/4in was spot on for a snug fit of the Schlage bolts, (BTW measured with my calipers to be sure I didn’t oversize).

Lock installation took probably 15 minutes total, though I spent some time reviewing and testing, so count on maybe 30mins.

App seemed to be lagging a bit with giving timely/accurate notifications. Example, when setting up the first time it gave me some error (don’t recall) but the lock was actually added to the app when I backed up to the main screen.

When connecting bridge, I had NO issues at all with the wireless configuration using my smart phone screen. Worked 100% fine first go. Though I did have some issues getting it to begin working and did not have timely or accurate status notifications just like on Bolt itself. I also had to unplug it for a bit and replug in to get it working.

My assumption is some of these issues were from a lot of new devices coming online. When I retried it all a few hours later after dinner, it was working just fine, and have had NO issues since (24hrs later).

After a quick email to support to get beta access to Alexa, this is all working great for both locking and unlocking the door.

So far, a VERY happy camper here and hope Lockitron is finally on the upswing getting the product in peoples hands.

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@DerrickD thanks for the detailed feedback.

Some notes on the Schlage for other folks; Schlage fronts should work if the tailpiece is the right fit with a couple of caveats. You need to use the Lockitron latch and it’s very sensitive to how tight the screws are as they’re slightly off angle.

Curious that you have to drill the holes; we made them a bit bigger but it sounds like there might be an even large variant.

Re Bridge status; the current Lockitron firmware doesn’t accommodate Bridge as it should, so expect state to get out of whack. The new Bolt beta firmware resolves this; typically state changes should be picked up in about 15-60 seconds.

I made a few minor updates to my original post for grammar. Was in a hury the first time :slight_smile:

This should be the lock I am using with the Lockitron:

I had to drill out the two holes in the Lockitron mounting plate as they were just slightly to small. The two holes have the ~3in bolt that slides through and screws into the back of the lock cylinder. The bolts that come with the Lockitron cylinder are much to small in diameter to fit in the Schlage lock, so I reused the original Schlege bolts (as also instructed in the Lockitron manual).

I should have also noted that I did use the deadbolt mechanism as instructed by the manual as well.

Attaching 3 photos (note the deadbolt is locked in 2 of these photos)

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@cameron i had to also drill out the two holes in order to reuse my original “kickstarter schlage deadbolt” that i purchased from you guys a few year back. this allows for the longer and thicker bolts.

the drill bit size that worked was 1/4 inch.

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@DerrickD @DaveC thanks for confirming; we did this with our home lock and put in a change request to have the holes expanded, sounds like we need to revisit this with the factory.