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Keypad updates


any updates on the keypad? @cameron


@Menooch18 we received a bunch of production units for final testing and discovered a minor issue: the screws included by default with Bolt aren’t long enough when you install Keypad as well on a lot of common doors. This didn’t crop up in our prototypes as they were secured slightly differently.

We’re current sourcing new screws and also dealing with an issue where the tailpiece is shorter than expected.

Both issues are solvable quickly (no tool change is needed), but the installation might be a bit more involved than we first anticipated (namely swapping the tailpiece).


@cameron any update now with the keypad? still waiting since March.



@cameron any updates on the keypad? It’s been almost half a year with no update.


Just curious about an update on Keypad. EOY 2017, 1Q 2018? Canceled?


We just wrapped up tooling on an adapter that we’re testing to deal with the length issue.


Looking for another update.
How did the tooling work go? Are we close to being able to see a Keypad addition sometime soon?


any word on the keypad?


@cameron any keypad updates please?