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LEDs on Bolt and Bridge


Can we get an explanation on what the LEDs mean on Bolt and Bridge. I have noticed that they can be a different color. I also noticed a LED on Bolt that I didn’t know existed. I assume that they mean something.

I didn’t see anything in the manual or on the support portion of the site.


Hey there. I don’t work for Lockitron, but I can share what I know. It’s not 100%.

Bridge LED Behaviour:
Green (blinking): Powering on, connecting to network.
Blue (on): Bluetooth connection open with Lockitron

Bolt LED Behaviour:
Green (on for 5s): Power on
Blue (on): Connected to Bridge or App via Bluetooth
Blue (blinking): Updating firmware


@Bob - good feedback; @anthonylavado has some great info here. One more case:

Bridge Blue LED Blinking: searching for a Lockitron to connect to

FAQ Technical Questions - Bolt

I see BLUE on the Bridge when the Bolt has been recently activated, but after some period of time (timeout value?) there are NO lights displayed. Sure would be nice to have a light on the Bridge that indicates that the WiFi connection is active. (e.g. many times I can see that my router is actively connected to the Bridge, but I don’t see Bridge Diagnostics on the Settings page). I don’t see sufficient diagnostics from Lockitron to confirm that I have both good Bolt to Bridge Bluetooth and Bridge to Wifi connection, or the logs needed to follow-up when things go wrong.)

What is the “normal” Bridge LED status when idle? I have NO LEDs lit or blinking. I can ping the Bridge successfully, but I can not connect via WiFi. (also posted under: Firmware 1533846445)


I don’t know what specific device from electricimp.com they are using in the bridge.
Check out this page with BlinkUp Status Codes.

The generic device blink up led light patterns seem to match what i’m seeing with my bridge.
That list does not appear to include the bluetooth status.


LEDs should be off when the Bridge is idle. The Bridge enters this state after being plugged in for a bit - I believe it is 5-10 minutes of green LED Blinking after successful network connection.

The blue LED may illuminate when the Bridge connects to Bolt, but we believe there is a low level firmware bug that eventually breaks this function (i.e. after a Bridge has been plugged in for a day or two).

As @klidec notes, we use ElectricImp (the 002 module). Unfortunately we don’t have too much control over the LED pattern.


No lights… that what I see as “steady state”. I can “always” ping the Bridge, but it is a rare event when I can control the lock by WiFi. If there are any LAN based debug tools for accessing the Bridge, I’d be more than happy to give them a try.

Workaround for inoperative Bridge:

  • Get that old Android phone from the bottom of the junk drawer, let’s call it the Bridge-Phone

  • Install/setup the Lockitron App

  • Install Teamviewer-Host on the Bridge-Phone and your “active” phone

  • Position the Bridge-Phone within Bluetooth range of your Bolt.

  • Create Teamviewer account to allow your “active” phone to login to the Bridge-Phone (for Unattended Access)

* With the correct setup you can remotely run the Lockitron App on the Bridge-Phone from your “active” phone


@Dave no tools unfortunately. The best information would be the RSSI signal strength of WiFi and Bluetooth.