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Lock Unlock API does not work a lot of times


I just installed the bolt and the bridge. Everything works fine using the Lockitron App. However the lock / unlock functionality using the API does not work. Here is a sample CURL. (Note: I have removed the actual lockID and appAccessToken from the CURL example below.) My bolt batteries % is greater than 80%

Any guidance will be appreciated.

curl -X PUT
-H ‘cache-control: no-cache’
-H ‘content-type: application/json’
-d ‘{
“state”: “lock”

Response Code: 500

“status”: “error”,
“message”: “This command failed and the batteries on this Lockitron are reported as low.”


@aapte Hey there. I wouldn’t worry so much about the message on battery. I think it’s part of the generic failure message.

Assuming you’ve copied and pasted directly in to here, I think I see where the issue is. You’ve added some colons to the command just before Lock ID and Access Token.

It should be:

If that isn’t the issue, I’d try making it a one line statement. You can use my cURL Guide for reference. In my examples, I don’t have the state command split up like you do.

If you’re still having issues after that, perhaps something is keeping the Bluetooth connection open to a device. You can try temporarily disabling Bluetooth on any phones you may have connected.

Hope this helps!



  1. :slight_smile: No the issue is not with the ‘:’ in my CURL. I have just put ‘:lockID’ and ‘:appAccessToken’ to denote the part I am replacing with the actual content.
  2. Also I do not think single line or multi line CURL makes a difference.

There is some issue with the API and not the Lockitron App.



@aapte I just ran the one liner on my server, and got a successful lock/unlock with my real Lockitron unit.

Unfortunately I don’t have a really good way to redact the screenshot, otherwise I would post it. The API is central to using services like HomeBridge and Home Assistant, so I’m sure we would have heard much more if they weren’t working.


Perhaps this will do - it’s the most I could get after cropping out the ID:

If you disabled Bluetooth on your phone, does the lock respond? If so, the Bridge + API access are both working. The Lockitron App only does something “special” when using Bluetooth. Otherwise, they use the same API we have access to.


@anthonylavado thanks for the help. So I should have made it clear. Its not like the API is not working a 100%. I do get success responses every now and then. But a lot of times yesterday I was getting that error which felt like a timeout. Going to try the API for a few more days and then report back the failure rate.


I wonder if your Bridge has a tenuous Bluetooth connection or wifi connection? Check your bridge diagnostics to see what it reports for signal levels. Also, does the app reliably work when not connected via Bluetooth?