Lockitron Access dead today?

First day back in the office from Labor Day weekend and the door isn’t responding. I just saw all the MyQ stuff in here. Did Chamberlain stop support for the Lockitron app? The MyQ app doesn’t like my Lockitron serial number, so can’t use that. I’ve powered off the device a few times but it won’t get picked up by the Lockitron app or the Lockitron web site.

I know they are deploying a Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub v3 very soon which includes support for the Lockitron allowing you to control it from anywhere like we could with the Bridge. My guess is this means the Lockitron app is also close to being sunset.

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Contacted support yesterday. They moved some DNS routes over the weekend, and this caused some Lockitron Access models to break. They fixed the issue, so I’m good to go again.

I was told that support for my device (remember, Lockitron Access, not Lockitron Bolt or the crowdfunded model) was not planned to be dropped any time soon. But, long term, since my device is not one of their core products, I really should think about a replacement.

Personally, I’ve looked at a lot of the Access alternatives and none of them look right for me. I’ll probably end up working on my Arduino door controller I was playing with before I bought the Access. Maybe I’ll open-source it, too. I could use a personal project to work on.

For anyone not familiar, the Access model allows me to control an electric strike on our aluminum and glass office door. It doesn’t have location sensing, but it works with the normal Lockitron app. The app just shows one big button instead of a lock/unlock, and pushing the button basically unlocks the door for around 3 seconds.

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