Lockitron Access? How do I get one?

Hi all,

New to the forums and I’m hoping to get setup with a couple Lockitrons in the near future.

Something I’m really wondering about is the Lockitron Access. I sent an email to sales_at_lockitron.com but havent had a response.

If testers are required, I’d still be willing to beta test it.

I’ve been looking around and seen a few old threads here and here but seem to have not goine anywhere.

Is there any development on this?


There are people that are still waiting for their lockitron from 2012. I’m still waiting on mine as well. This “company” does not have their stuff together - delay’s, horrible communication and a product that doesn’t do what it fully advertises.

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I guess you’re not having a great ride with Lockitron, but are they improving?
How long have you been waiting for your Lockitron? You’re waiting for a Bolt or an Access? The website states 4-6 weeks with a bridge, and shipping to Europe is an eyewatering $50…

Still, Lockitron is compelling to me personally because they seem to be offering products (Like Lockitron Access) that competitors don’t provide and the described app experience appears to be smooth.

My personal use case is to have a strike/buzzer lock and a deadlock for separate doors, and be able to use them from a single app. I havent even seen another company that is doing the strike/buzzer lock remotely yet, but I could be missing a lot.

I am also interested in the Lockitron Access. I’ve emailed support and sales and also tried calling but haven’t heard back. Any guidance on how to purchase the Access would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t work for the company, but I’ll see if I can get someone looped in on this.

Please do, I’m very interested in this.


@plonka2000 I’ll follow up via your support ticket.

@jbobo @plonka2000 In general we’re prioritizing all Bolt support questions and production until we’re through our Bolt backlog. While Bolt and Access are cross compatible on the app and API front they’re very different on the manufacturing and fulfillment side.

Understood and really appreciate the response. Do you have a sense of timing on availability of the Access? Thanks again!

@cameron thanks indeed.

Please get back to me via the support ticket if possible.

There are other ways to do this. Smartthings with a zwave IO device is only one with a zwave lock. That would be one app to control both doors. There’s other ways as well.

Just FYI, lots of people have been waiting for their original orders me included now for 4 years. I purchased mine with a promise date on the website and 4 years later Lockitron can’t give buyers that have already paid a ship date nor will they allow us to cancel and be refunded per their promise. Lockitron continues to display the “expected” ship date on the site but can’t tell their customers when their units will ship. So with that said, I personally wouldn’t keep my hopes up for a product that isn’t shipping yet from Lockitron regardless how great it sounds.