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Lockitron and Home Automation, Part Deux


People have been talking a lot about this lately, and there are a lot of standards and platforms out there.

I haven’t personally chosen one system just yet. I’m waiting for the dust to settle around some of the newer stuff.

Before we get into specifics about implementing Lockitron with one system over another, let’s talk about this at a bit of a higher level. I say we set some goals, review the tools we have available, and then come to a solution later.

Right now, the best tool at our disposal here is the Lockitron API. If you’re serious about getting things talking, then I definitely recommend getting access to the V2 of the API. (@david, @cameron, @pmg, I don’t know what the best method is here for people to sign up. Let us know.)

The API is open enough that you should be able to tie it in somehow, and failing that, most of these newer HA systems talk to IFTTT in some way.

Now let’s set those goals I was talking about.

To help figure this out, let’s answer these two questions-

  1. What systems do you have in place right now? If you don’t have one yet, what are you going to use?

  2. What is the number one thing you’d like Lockitron to do with this system?

I’ll start here.

  1. Right now I’m working with OpenHAB on my Raspberry Pi, but I might just get a VeraLite.

  2. My “going to sleep” scene confirms that the thermostat is set correctly, that any doors/windows with sensors are closed, and that all the lights are off. At the same time, I’d like it to confirm that Lockitron is indeed locked, and if not, to lock it for me at that time.

How about you?



Have you looked at Revolv ? Seems to support a wide range of communication types.
I am looking at Revolv for a hub, Insteon and Wemo for switches, Garageio for my garage doors, Lockitron and/or Kevo for door access. I already have the Honeywell WiFi thermostats (not ZWave just wifi, work great) and some older Insteon modules. Revolv seems to be one of the few to give me a utility belt type of central control without going to a Control4 or Crestron level expense. Revolv can control all of the above, except Lockitron (yet).

I also have SecuritySpy running on an iMac for video security.

In one respect I hate to spend too much money too soon before seeing how the whole Apple Home Kit world starts to shake out in the next 6 months or so. I do believe that the only hub/controller survivors will be the ones that can embrace multiple protocols and support Home Kit.



@phred- that all seems pretty reasonable to me.

I have not used Revolv myself, and I’ve read some people didn’t like it’s software. Again, I haven’t tried it.

The big question here for you then:
What would you like the Lockitron to do in that scenario? Remember that when Sense launches, you don’t have to have anything else worry about locking/unlocking the door.



ok. So what I want from any brand “smart” door lock is -
1- be as close to 100 percent reliable as possible. if i can not “trust” my lock to be as reliable as a key lock, i can not trust it to help protect my family and home.
2- it MUST tell me accurately its state, locked or unlocked, and be able to correct that if told to.
3- sense is great for local, in person, access. once again, if reliable. sense tying into some other hub or service that can do IFTTT type of sequential actions would be ideal. so if it is me, unlock the door, turn XYZ lights on, etc. if I leave, lock everything, arm the alarm, turn XYZ lights on or off.
4- either built, in or via reliable third party, schedules. as in do not unlock remotely from say 10pm to 6am. sort of a do not disturb mode like on a phone. it does not need to accidentally unlock in the middle of my night !! with maybe a two factor authentication for unscheduled access.
5- using a smart lock, after install and initial setup, must just work. the internet of things will never survive if all it does is add to my techie support overhead. managing my wife’s iPhone and iPad, and my son’s iPad, and my own devices, is almost too much some days as it is.
6- Lockitron must continue to try and stay with industry standards for access. great job so far. i think it is the only way to prevent being obsolete.
7- big concern over long term access. what happens to a Lockitron lock if, and i don’t want to see it happen, but if the company goes out of business one day ?? i understand the app might be unusable after several OS updates, but can i still access my lock on a local network or bluetooth ??

I guess reliability, compatibility, and long term usability are my three key points. Services and features can come and go based on who is writing what code, but at its base, its a door lock. it needs to open when i want to, lock when i want it too, and do it day in and day out. my key locks in our old house were about 20 years old. my current house locks are 7 years old. i need the same long term functionality out of a smart lock. at some $200 per lock, and needing 3x of them, i don’t need to replace them every 2-4 years !!

maybe i strayed from the original topic. sorry. feeling a bit verbose today. :smile:




  1. If you don’t have one yet, what are you going to use?[/quote]

I essentially just want to use the Lockitron’s hardware and have WigWag control it. If this works as planned I don’t anticipating using the Lockitron app at all.
My WW hub will have BlueTooth and through rules I set WW will control when the lockitron locks/unlocks and will report its state back to WW. The heavy lifting will be done by the WW rules.



One of the developers of XTension for OSX http://www.MacHomeAutomation.com/ I haven’t implemented anything yet but my lockitron did arrive for testing recently so it wont be long before I start getting into this seriously. There are several of our users that have these now and want them supported directly. My concern is about hitting the internet to talk to a device that is 10 feet from the computer. I am only vaguely up on the new protocol documentation but I’d really like a way to talk from a host machine on the same network to the lockitron directly rather than going out to the internet which may not always be available when you need it. If this is already possible point me to the info :slight_smile:



@PlanetaryGear XTension! Haven’t looked at your app in a while. I remember reading about it when I first got in to X10 equipment many years ago.

While we don’t have info on talking to it yet, make sure you check with @cameron or @pmg on what’s available. API v2 is around, so I know that’s available. No direct access yet that I know of.


  1. If you don’t have one yet, what are you going to use?

As you said, I’m still waiting for the dust to settle a bit. However OpenHAB looks like the frontrunner in terms of open-source systems, and the Eclipse SmartHome fork(?) endorsement makes it that much more compelling. So probably OpenHAB unless something changes dramatically.

  1. What is the number one thing you’d like Lockitron to do with this system?

Lock and unlock and report its state. (Isn’t that what everyone wants from it?) Using it as a sensor with BLE would also be cool, but primarily I want it to be an output from the system with decoupled inputs.

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