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Lockitron Android Wear App Prompts for Installation on Watch


I just purchased an Android 2.0 watch, and it prompts me to install the lockitron app on the watch (because it found it on my phone). Installation always fails. Please advise how to get it to install correctly, or if I should be using a different Android Wear app (none are found).


I’ve uploaded some images. Basically when you attempt to install on phone it says “Installed Failed” I haven’t seen any other articles on this specific function (Native Android Wear functionality with Apigy Lockitron App). Please advise.

screenscreen (1)


@nwdcben what model of watch?


I have the LG Watch Style. https://www.android.com/wear/lg-watch-style/


FWIW, I see the same thing on my Moto 360 Sport (with AW2).


I get this on my Asus ZenWatch 2 also with AW2. It would be awesome if it DID install so I could lock/unlock from my watch.


LG Sport. Experiencing same thing… Any update on this?


I’ve heard nothing from lockitron on this.


I found a kind of work around. Using IFTTT allows you create voice prompts for the Google Assistant to unlock your door lock.


Yeah, I have that setup. Would be cool to have a wear app, if there is one. There must be some sort of beta if it just shows up as a wear app, right?

Does lockitron participate in these threads?


The first guy that responded Cameron is a co-founder


Cool! Hope some day I can twist my wrist to unlock my door.


Just got an lg sport watch and it is doing the same thing, fails everytime.


Today my watch received the 2.8 update. To my surprise, Lockitron Wear app NOW installs and works!!!