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Lockitron at Target


@cameron I saw the Lockitron Bolt and Bridge being sold on Target’s online store. They claim to be able to ship to me (in Canada) within 14 business days, which is obviously better than an 8-12 week wait. Is this legitimate? If so, is the product on Target’s website the latest generation lockitron?


@rnaiman we can ship Bolt within Canada (we have units in stock there) but not Bridge, so the choice is up to you. I suspect Target will charge more for shipping but getting Bridge is a nice perk.


@cameron thanks for the reply.

I ordered both the Bolt and Bridge from Lockitron’s website. Any idea on when you’ll be able to ship the Bridge?

Also if I get the Bolt shipped now will I have have to pay double for shipping to ship the Bolt and Bridge separately?


@rnaiman hmm it might be easier for us to edit your order to remove Bridge for now. We can ship Bolt sooner; drop us a line at support@lockitron.com and let us know what you would prefer.