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Lockitron-bash updated w/immediate lock/unlock


I’m happy to announce a new update to my lockitron-bash script that will allow users of Lockitron v2 (crowdfunded) units to immediately lock/unlock.


  1. Bluetooth 4.0 w/BLE adapter connected to the system running lockitron-bash.
  2. System within range of the Lockitron v2 units.
  3. Script requires running as root.

How it works:

  1. The script attempts to connect to the Lockitron via BLE.
  2. While it is attempting to connect (and immediately disconnecting), then issues the lock/unlock via the Lockitron API.

Its pretty simple and may still have bugs, but this is a huge leap forward and opens the door (pun intended) for what I’ve wanted out of the Lockitrons since I got them - immediate unlock/lock.

Special thanks to @cameron for his help with making this possible!

Direct Bluetooth Connection
Has anyone gotten Sense to work?
Emulate bridge on linux

Amazing! I was thinking of creating something like this, but now I see it’s (mostly) done!

For those following along at home:


Thanks! I will be working the script hard over the next couple months to make it faster and more useful. I really hope that this adds value to other crowdfunders with their Lockitrons.


Fantastic! Want to test this with a RaspberryPi. Having this triggered by a script that checks for pending activities might be a great solution. While the webhook stream would make the most sense for a place to call this script, adding in pending activities there might not be the best idea.

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very nice. Thanks a lot. I am using this with the Access/Buzz unit to control the intercom “door open” button.
all is working great, except I get the following werid message.

date: invalid date ânullâ



Sorry for the delay. I’ve fixed the issue that you reported and you can take a look here: https://github.com/zerodivide1/lockitron-bash/issues/2

Thanks for the feedback and please remember that you can open an issue at the GitHub project page!