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Lockitron bolt and homebridge


I have tried to reach out to the homebridge folks, with no much luck.
My question, does lockitron bolt require the hub for homekit connectivity?
I can see the status in homekit/with homebridge, but any attempt to un/lock gives me an error message.



Hi there @Identd.

I don’t work for Lockitron, but as a HomeBridge user, I can confirm that yes, you need Lockitron Bridge to use the Bolt with HomeBridge.


Yup, @anthonylavado’s got it in one. Homekit requests are routed through Lockitron’s web api (api.lockitron.com) - those get sent through the Internet to the lock - hence the Bridge requirement.


So, how does one get one of these bridges?


Since the bridge is MIA, would you folks ever consider allowing homebridge access to lock/unlock via bluetooth? (Status seems to work fine)