Lockitron Bolt hooked up to battery question

@cameron I’d like to try and get my Lockitron Bolt to work without batteries and have it plug into a wall outlet.
I’d also like it to have back up power in-case of outage.
Please let me know if you think this could work?
-I’m thinking of getting this battery eliminator with an extra cell:
-Plug the above into this USB battery with pass-thru capability so it can charge while providing power.

Would this work?

@klidec the main issue will be the battery readout; low battery won’t trigger correctly with a 5v source (and you’ll need to Bridge where the 4th battery would be).

That said I would expect that a battery that large will self discharge before Bolt can run through it :slight_smile:

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@cameron Since the usb battery will be plugged in and always charging i don’t think i’d need the low battery warning anyway. I doubt i’d be out of mains power for very long.

I’d buy an extra battery cell to have 1 active cell and 3 dummy (shorted) cells.

I may give this a try. Just need to figure out a way to insure the door still looks nice.

@klidec for an extensive discussion on folks who did this with the crowdfunded Lockitron, take a look at Any Success With External Power Source?

also, most power banks dont power usb ports and charge its internal battery at the same time.

@cameron thanks I’ll take a look.

@Jason_Silva yup. Some do some don’t. The feature is refered to as pass through charging.
The one I linked to supports it.