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Lockitron Bolt & iPhone X Compatability



I know this seems like an obvious question, but is anyone else having issues with Lockitron since upgrading? As soon as I upgraded my iPhone at launch my Lockitron Sense no longer works, the app functionality doesn’t seem to connect. When I leave in the morning, I am standing outside my door, trying to connect to lock the door. I have to press the lock button 4 times or jump to the Activity screen and back in order for the lock to recognize. It’s been reall spotty for a few months and the only thing that has changed has been my phone from an iPhone 7 to a X. My girlfriend also uses the lock on a regular basis on her iPhone SE and has no issues (with the exception of Sense, she’s not set up for that).

Any help or recommendations to rectify these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,



@Mitch we see tons of issues with Bluetooth crop up with folks migrating from one iPhone to another; the solution is to do a full uninstall and re-install of the app.