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Lockitron/Bolt Key Match - Canadian Backers Availability


@cameron When are Key Match cylinders going to be made available for Canadian Backers?


@josh.stuckey we need to wait on a new shipment for the factory on these before sending to Canada (our U.S. reserves are nearly depleted). The factory is currently occupied with some Keypad changes for us, but once complete in a week or two we should have a timeline for these.


@cameron great thanks Cameron!


@cameron any update on the key match cylinders for Canadian backers?


@cameron, any updates on the key match from a shipping standpoint to Canada?


@cameron, any update on the key match cylinders shipping to Canada?


@cameron, when can Canadian backers expect the key match cylinders to be available in Canada?


I’m ready to give up on getting my Bolt working - there’s YET to be word on the Keymatch cylinders being available in Canada, let alone getting a bridge. I even purchased a USED Crowdfunded Lockitron, in the hopes of getting THAT working, but ran into issues with ‘handedness’ as well as Sense location, meaning it’s been boxed up for months now: useless.

I’m getting a response time of 4 months between emails to support, and my last email got the SAME RESPONSE from Aldwin, that didn’t answer my questions from my previous emails:

I sincerely apologize for our delayed response. I wanted to check in and see if you still needed assistance. Please let me know if you are still experiencing the issue or if you have any other concerns or questions.

All the best,


So basically, I send in a response, and get no support back. No word on Bridge shipping. No word on Keyways being available so I can unbox my brand-new Bolt and TRY to use it.

Still hopeful, but dimming…


@Peter_Ehm I ended up ordering a keyway off of Amazon, rekeyed it to match my other keys and everything worked fine. I spray-painted the end so that it matched closely to the color of the Bolt.


Thank-you for the info, Channing! May I ask what specific brand/part# of keyway you purchased? I need a Weiser keyway, and trying to figure out what one to get from Amazon, or even if they carry it, is giving me a headache. I even checked out the thread below for Weiser keyways from 2015, but couldn’t grasp what I need to do, as I’m in a rental apartment and the locksmith isn’t likely to re-key things for me… or would they?