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explain apple watch integration please


The video comes from the community’s own @nfarina who has a project called Homebridge, available on GitHub.


I’m only on day 2 of Bolt but so far it’s great.


This just in, from CES with @cameron, although posted late:



I installed my brand new Bolt Saturday morning, replacing one of my crowdfunded lockitrons (which was still working fine btw). I did the full lock swap out and had zero issues other than realigning the deadbolt to open and close smoothly in the door jam. I live in SW Oklahoma on red clay and the houses move around a lot down here, so realigning things periodically is just part of living here.
Anyway, I installed everything, checked smoothness of function and powered it up. It linked up flawlessly via lockitron app and believe it started to grab a firmware update as it became semi-unresponsive for a minute. Figuring that this is what was going on I left it alone for a few minutes, Pulled the battery and rebooted and its been working fine ever since. It hooks up within 3-4 seconds via Bluetooth when opening the app and seems much faster than the original lockitron.
The one thing thing that sticks out in my head the most is that when having the app open and manually locking and unlocking the door, the app reflects the status almost real time, i must admit I am a little bit guilty of playing around with that too much and even naively trying to impress my GF with it (she could care less).
Anyway, rock solid so far and liking the smaller and sleeker design.
Looking forward to receiving my next bolt w/bridge and playing around with that.

Guide to Lockitron Bolt - [upd Dec 5th]

The Homebridge Life is legit with Bolt:

Also using Siri with a “Goodnight” scene that locks the door, turns off the lights, and sets the thermostat :heart_eyes: :sunglasses: :cool:



I’m surprised that there are so few posts on these threads… but here goes:

I ordered my Lockitron in October 2012 and received my Bolt + Bridge in June 2016. Patience does pay-off.

Initial impressions:I’m satisfied with the installation process and current operations. I’m happy to continue to participate in this journey as Bolt+Bridge become solid products for the “less patient”.

What I learned:
From Cameron: Bolt includes a full deadbolt mechanism, so you won’t need to get any extra hardware! *** This was a pleasant surprise
From Cameron: See http://help.lockitron.com/article/109-how-do-i-install-lockitron-bolt to get a better idea on installation… I did NOT have an existing deadbolt, so the Resources section was especially helpful.

Start with this Video:
How to Bore a Deadbolt Hole if You Don’t Have an Existing Prep (External Source) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d02JeWLgmwQ&feature=youtu.be&t=126]
I purchased a Royobi template: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Ryobi-Wood-Metal-Door-Lock-Installation-Kit-A99DLK4/205209873
… my door was 1 7/8" (i.e. more than the 1 3/4" maximum for the template, I removed the back half and used a clamp to hold it in position … it all work fine, there are other products out there that may be more flexible… this was a one time use tool for me, so it was good enough.

Physical installation took about 3 hours… measure 3 times, cut once, careful use of a chisel, etc,

Everything works “surprisingly” well. I’d say the Lockitron team has conquered the physical/mechanical issues that I read about on the original Lockitron forums.

I’ve had it installed for just over two weeks, this past weekend I converted all of my Kwikset twist handles to new Schlage lever handles and keyed them all to my Bolt key… I’m committed now.

On the software side, basic operations work well, but in my opinion there are items to improve to make these products usable for others, especially by “guests”:

Lockitron App issues:

  • My cell-phone battery started dying “pre-maturely” recently. It took me awhile to realize that it was the Lockitron App(v3.2).
    With SENSE enabled the Android app (phone = Android 4.4.2) sucks down 19% to 24% of my battery… with Sense Disabled, Lockitron App battery usage is minimal. SENSE is flaky anyway, (some alerts without leaving home, sometimes NO alerts atfer I return from 20 mile trips…)
  • The app does do not provide any information on Lockitron Battery Status

Security / Guest related issues:

  • Manual lock/unlock events do NOT show up in the activity log
  • Guests can see ALL entries in the activity log (they should only see their own events or none at all (none works for me and sounds like an easy place to start)
  • No notifications are provided for LOCK/UNLOCK events.[LOCK and USER Notifications are set to ALWAYS]
  • Guest usage of the Bolt: you can set an Active Lock time window (I have NOT tested this)… but you can NOT set a “connection method”. I do NOT want Guests to be able to lock/unlock the Bolt unless they are at my door (i.e. just as if they had a physical key). As is, with the Bridge installed and access to WiFi, Guests can manipulate my Bolt from anywhere in the world. (and they have access to the activity log to see who else may be changing the Bolt status) I would prefer to have an option to limit Guests to Bluetooth access only.

I look forward to future App updates and Bolt/Bridge firmware updates. If there are any beta versions that address the issues outlined above; I’d be glad to try them out. Where do I look to find beta code and related “release notes” as to what’s fixed / what’s new?


@Dave, Thanks for posting. Looks like there are some very valid points you noted there that need addressing. Guests having complete access to everything and remote locking/unlocking is completely unacceptable. If you wanted someone to have the sort of access (physical and to the software), you would make them a user. I am sure there are not may who would have thought Guest access would work this way.


I would have to agree on the quest part of Daves post. Guest should only have local access without log.

Limited access for quest is important or else I just tell them to call when they want access - Then I let them in remotely.

Status for me is that after i ordered the product in may 2016 I problably have to wait for a while before I get my Bolt with Bridge. Luckily for me I am in no hurry to get this product delivered, but also I hope that I don’t have to wait for to long.


I figure I should update with my findings.

On Access
I mainly use local access (with Bluetooth) between my wife and I. We both use fully updated iPhone 6’s, and have the Lockitron app installed on both. To cap it off, I haven’t carried my house key on me for a while. I took it off my keychain after getting the Lockitron, and finally put it away around the start of April. I’ve been able to enter/exit without issue so far. We don’t have any guests with access - there’s been no need for anyone to come over while we’re away/out. I can easily reach the lock via Bluetooth from just about anywhere in the house, so I just unlock the door when someone is coming.

On Battery Life
As far as batteries go, I do find it lasting a very long time, much longer than the crowdfunded unit. I’ve easily been getting several months out of any particular set of batteries. I haven’t measured it exactly, but suffice to say it’s pretty much living up to the claims. I have confidently invested in a set of Eneloops, and I’ve dedicated a set of four to the lock. I actually can’t remember the last time I charged them, so they’ve been running for a long time (which is a good thing).

On Bridge
Stay tuned… HomeBridge is working for a few other things though, and works well. Looking forward to automation with this, and having a presence detection system enable auto-locking after entry/exit. The Lock Reminder in app is handy too.

On Build Quality
The lock is very well built, looks and feels solid. My wife likes the Quicksilver, and it matches nicely with our white door interior. On the outside, the lock looks right at home with our polished nickel handle. Turning the deadbolt by hand has a nice click to it, so locking the door feels “strong”, and it inspires confidence. My wife and I do appreciate being able to see the “lock status” by looking at the thumb turn from down the hall - It’s clear what state it’s in, and we don’t have to open the app to tell.

On Sense
99.9999%. Yes, we use iOS, and this has been known to work better for Sense (both past and present), but it has been very solid for us so far. Any hiccups have been few and far between, and upon further analysis, they were caused by other factors. When it comes right down to the app, my phone, and the lock communicating together, it’s 100%.

Activity Log
I can get a notification that my wife has locked the door after leaving, and this is a good thing. The notifications have been a little in and out, but they do fire. When they don’t work, I think it’s down to two reasons. One is that external factor I just recently mentioned, and the other is probably the app being closed from memory in iOS.

The logging has been pretty consistent so far. I can’t speak to Guest logging, as we haven’t invited any. There’s some ordering issues when events are very close to each other, but it’s very small. It seems to be just when items are reported close to each other. Regardless, it’s easy to tell the status with the main display for the lock. We’re mostly using the lock by app, so our activity is getting logged. The few times we have manually locked/unlocked, it’s not logged, but the status is correct in app. I believe this is getting worked on.

The App (on iOS)
Loads much quicker than before, and I like the new button style. The design of the app feels a lot better now - it has matured well. It’s quick and easy to get in and out of the areas you want. The widget for the Notification Center is a nice touch, eliminates the need to actually open the app for quick unlock/locks, but I still go to the app out of habit. Battery usage is minimal, largely due to the structuring of CoreLocation services on iOS. It’s to the point where it doesn’t even register as 1% battery usage in my iPhone settings, which is very good.

Went pretty smoothly. Took me around 30 minutes, but that’s because my door is a little “weird” - the deadbolt had to be pulled out a little more, and the previous latch plate was screwed in wrong. I was able to resolve those issues on my own. For the material, the instructions are clear, and the video is a big help.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with Bolt, and it has won over my wife. She’s found Sense to be immensely valuable when coming home - she doesn’t have to dig around in her purse for her house key. As for me, it’s been enough to leave my key at home, probably for good. All I carry in my pockets are a slim wallet (three cards), car key, and iPhone.

There are some small things here are there, but they don’t detract from the overall experience, which has been largely positive. Some fine tuning and those little edges can be resolved. As I mentioned, everything physically works well, and the software runs well along with it.

I give the Bolt in it’s current state a 95/100, based on our usage.


I agree with Anthony on most of his review.

However, for the majority of the world that uses Android, the app feels like garbage.

Sure, it looks clean, and the widgets were a welcomed addition. However, it’s basic functionality is inconsistent. I still carry my keys with me because I can’t be sure I won’t be standing outside for 5 minutes toggling Bluetooth on and off in a desperate attempt to unlock my door. This is really unfortunate because it ruins the entire experience and purpose of owning these locks. It’s sad when I try to give friends a demo and it never works on the first try. I thought it might be my phone at first (2nd gen MotoX Pure Edition), but I experience the same behavior on my fiance’s Nexus 5X - a device that should be the blueprint for Android app development. When you load the app, it just sits there spinning, trying to connect to the lock. I have two Bolts, and it’s the same thing for both. These locks have ONE primary function, and they are failing at that. Right now, anyone who has an Android device and has been anxiously waiting for their Bolt to ship can take solace that they haven’t been missing much - just one more thing to be disappointed by.


P.S. I am on the latest app (3.3) and firmware (1461012547) versions.


Thats strange, i am on the latest lockitron app on android 5.1 on my note 3 and bluetooth has been working great. Sometimes sense takes a bit more time to unlock the door but 9 out of 10 times it works and my doors open when i get to it.


Well, this is certainly a worry and I hope this will be fixed by the time I get mine. My Sesame Smart Lock on my back door is a little slow if I pull my phone out when I get to my door(once it’s connected it’s instant, but the initial connection takes time), but if I pull my phone out about 3-4 seconds before I get to the door I’m good, and this is with a basically beta version of the app on android. I really hope it’s just your case specifically(no offense).


Whew, was a bit worried there for a second, does it take a few seconds to connect if you aren’t going off of sense?


I’m on Android 6.0. There seem to be a couple other users in the Play store reviews having the same problem - one with the 5X as well. Perhaps it’s an issue with the newer OS, or maybe our Bolts came from a bad batch. Who knows. Cameron would know.


Hmm, I have a 6P, shit…


Everything I’ve mentioned is for manual, Bluetooth control. Not Sense. I don’t trust Sense. I know it has been updated, but it was previously causing my doors to unlock in the middle of the night - that was the end of that.