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Thats strange, i am on the latest lockitron app on android 5.1 on my note 3 and bluetooth has been working great. Sometimes sense takes a bit more time to unlock the door but 9 out of 10 times it works and my doors open when i get to it.


Well, this is certainly a worry and I hope this will be fixed by the time I get mine. My Sesame Smart Lock on my back door is a little slow if I pull my phone out when I get to my door(once it’s connected it’s instant, but the initial connection takes time), but if I pull my phone out about 3-4 seconds before I get to the door I’m good, and this is with a basically beta version of the app on android. I really hope it’s just your case specifically(no offense).


Whew, was a bit worried there for a second, does it take a few seconds to connect if you aren’t going off of sense?


I’m on Android 6.0. There seem to be a couple other users in the Play store reviews having the same problem - one with the 5X as well. Perhaps it’s an issue with the newer OS, or maybe our Bolts came from a bad batch. Who knows. Cameron would know.


Hmm, I have a 6P, shit…


Everything I’ve mentioned is for manual, Bluetooth control. Not Sense. I don’t trust Sense. I know it has been updated, but it was previously causing my doors to unlock in the middle of the night - that was the end of that.


i completely understand, i too had sense open my doors long ago in the middle of the night, but that was months ago, i now have had sense enabled for over 4 months and have never had the door open in the middle of the night. my radius is set to 1.5km and its been working great! @ericklemyelmo it may take 1 or 2 seconds, its usually very quick with bolt. i have 1 bolt preview that takes 1 to 2 seconds, and then my production bolt will usually work instantly. This is on my note 3, android 5.1.


I’d be willing to give Sense another go if I could reliably unlock my door without it. Being able to connect and explicitly lock/unlock the Bolt 100% of the time is the threshold that should be met before enabling Sense. I feel that shouldn’t be too much to ask.

I can report that I was able to get things back to expected responsiveness by powercycling (remove battery, reinsert) the locks and Force Closing the app to ensure the background process died. I’ve definitely done this in the past, though, so this isn’t a new discovery - it’s only a matter of time before I’m in this boat again. If it’s an issue with the app being in a bad state, then perhaps there should be some timeout logic that notices this and forces the app to completely reinitialize.

I hate being so critical, but having witnessed the drama unfold over shipment alone gives me pause to wonder what happens once it’s in this larger number of hands. Installation is great. Aesthetics if great. Overall physical product is great. But the sell on a product like Bolt is that I shouldn’t have to touch my lock anymore, and I shouldn’t have to worry about if it’s going to do its job, aside from battery replacement (which I received an email on when I removed the battery and the firmware reported 0% - nice touch).

P.S. What is Eager Connect for Sense Proximity Unlock??? I see it in the app, but there is no info about it. Are there release notes somewhere with details on bug fixes and new features?


@Jeremy @Jason_Silva Eager Connection description:

Eager connection will skip the proximity check on Sense triggers. When enabled, we connect to the Lockitron as soon as it is scanned and perform the selected Sense action. When disabled, the app will check if the BLE signal is strong enough to avoid premature and unstable connections.

Turning it on will theoretically decrease the time it takes to perform a Sense unlock. Leaving it off will increase the reliability of Sense.

@Jeremy Android is an ongoing pain with BLE connectivity, even on the recommended phones. Re the problems you’re having, we’d love to take a close look between your phone and your fiance’s; while I would expect issues with the MotoX I’m surprised there are problems with the Nexus 5X as well.

Keep in mind a given lock can only connect to one phone at a time, not sure if you had both open while testing; also, there were some big updates from the firmware that ships with Lockitron to the latest firmware, although I suspect you’ve updated.


Thank you for the info, @cameron.

I’m a few days in with the new updates, and things do feel more like they should. I think restarting the units after the firmware updates helped. Also, tap to unlock actually works now - it’s pretty awesome!

It makes sense that the lock can only connect to one phone at a time. That could be what was compounding my issue. The “happy path” here is that one person is coming/leaving home at a time. My fiance an I may both be leaving out the front door to go for a walk (both with our phones), or we may be arriving to the back door from the car (both with phones). Ideally, either of us would be able to unlock the door. Is there any way for it to survey if another device is attempting to connect via bluetooth while one is already connected?


Not quite yet - we’re working on getting smarter about this. We’ll need a firmware update to help.


Definitely agree on absolutely needing a connecting method option for guest access.
While it was “cool” that my sister was able to open my door in California from Peru it was also a bit alarming.
It’s a security issue as i don’t know if my guests always set pass-codes for their phone.
That combined with the lockitron app not asking for login credentials every time the app is opened or used to open/lock a door, means my house door could be opened by anyone with access to my sisters phone.

I hope this feature gets added ASAP! It should be the default too when creating a guest user. You should have to enable remote access if you want.


I received my lockitron bolt about a month ago. The install was relatively painless. The bolt unlocks with proximity sense like I had hoped but it doesn’t re-lock with proximity sense which was a surprise. What’s the point of having a smart lock that only unlocks the door? That’s only half of the door locking process. Also I’ve noticed several times that the proximity sense will unlock while I’m sitting at home (sometimes in the middle of the night which is not ideal). I don’t know why that is. If I choose to unlock the lock through the app it has to “reconnect” every time which takes 5-10 seconds. It would be faster just to walk over and unlock it manually. As you can see I’m not impressed with this lock. After waiting 3 plus years for this thing I’m now wishing I had purchased the Kevo lock a long time ago. The lockitron bolt is worthless until it can do more than 50% of the job and work out some of the random kinks. I would not recommend this lock.


@bwaterman5 sorry, Sense has been marketed as an auto-unlock feature for years, not auto lock. That said we do have a timed auto lock coming via firmware update.


I’ll hang in there for the auto lock feature then. That will solve my biggest frustration. Thanks for your reply.


This auto-lock is a great feature to have. I hope it comes very soon. :slight_smile: