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Lockitron iBeacon UDID


Does the Lockitron act as a iBeacon? And if so how do I determine it’s UDID (and major and minor) so that I register for updates when it enters or exits range?

I’ve tried using the ID of the lock found in the API calls and on lockitron.com when you click on the lock but that doesn’t seem to be the right one.

I’d like to tigger actions inside of my iOS app when it comes within range of the Lockitron.


The last time we had @cameron and @pmg chime in on it, it wasn’t acting as a traditional iBeacon and wasn’t solely dependent on RSSI (signal strength). They would be the best to check up with on this.

If I’m not mistaken from my personal research, the UUID that shows up over Bluetooth is one that is unique to the Bluetooth chip and its own serial number.

@cameron did mention in another thread that if someone was interested in direct Bluetooth access, to e-mail hello@lockitron.com and I know another group on Twitter is using that info to make a Windows Phone app for Lockitron.

Adding links for reference: