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Lockitron iOS Custom URL


API seemed like the most appropriate category here.

I know the iOS app can be invoked with lockitron:// in Safari, which is what I use with Launch Center Pro.

I was wondering what commands (if any) are possible with this method of access.

Ie. lockitron://?lock=1&unlock=1



@anthonylavado good question, this is definitely something like an API. We have thought about something like this for a little while, however, there are a couple of reasons why we don’t have this yet (or something similar using intents in Android).

The first is that we need to create an additional security layer such that random apps can’t just call the URI and carry out a command or a UI element to disable the feature.

The second is that we would need to add an extra UI or API layer such that you would either choose a “default” lock to carry out a command again (since most people only have one Lockitron).

The new Extensions feature is iOS 8 is interesting and might allow for something like this, however, we don’t currently have this on the roadmap.

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