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Lockitron Not Rotating Despite Manually Easy


My Lockitron was installed and working. I was having the general jamming issues others have complained about where it seemed that Lockitron would forget which direction to turn. This often happened when the unit was manually used and then an automatic usage happened. But I was content waiting for an update.

However, as of today the Lockitron has all but stopped working. Now regardless of going to an “open” state or a “closed” state, the lock just rotates the same and the deadbolt knob ends up in the same place. The knob is not difficult to turn, Lockitron has just stopped turning it more than a fifth of a turn and it seems to go in both directions. I can email someone a video if that will help.


Sounds like you have the switch alignment issue.
Videos are always helpful, and you can always e-mail support. In the meanwhile, see what @han posted and check this:


I have just gone through the jamming video and it has not helped. What I have noticed after going through the video’s is that Lockitron starts to turn in the correct direction an then unexpectedly reverses direction and then turns the opposite way. Thus it gets stuck in-between locked and unlocked. However the unit is still making noise like it is working properly and it is still easy to manually turn the deadbolt. It just is confusing why it all of a sudden stopped working when it was working for weeks aside from the occasional “confusion” jamming.


Ah okay, sorry about that. I missed the part in the first post where you said it makes about a fifth of a turn. That’s not the switch alignment then, it’s calibration.

They’re working on making the calibration page public, so you can adjust how far Lockitron turns, and how much power it uses. Until then, you’ll have to contact them to get access. P

If you haven’t e-mailed them yet, use this link from the last blog post, as it has the subject line they’ve specified. That should get it sorted to the right spot a little quicker.


Thanks so much for the information! =)