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Hi all, I’m new here. I’ve been thinking about a scheme to connect Lockitron with cryptocurrency, particularly so-called smart property. The idea here is that the ownership of the Lockitron, specifically the access key, would be assigned based on ownership of a cryptocurrency token. For the latter, the example of CounterParty is probably the easiest to implement. A token would be created on the Counterparty ledger that would correspond to a particular Lockitron. Ownership of this token would then allow for the unlocking of the Lockitron.

The specific implementation I’m not so sure of, but I’m looking to see if anyone has any ideas here… For instance, the Lockitron could query a site like BlockScan to determine which bitcoin address owns its particular Counterparty token. Then, the Lockitron would have to ask the un-locker to prove that they own said bitcoin address, and if the user was verified, the lock would open. This would be a “pull” sort of mechanism w/r/t the key authentication, and something like a “push” might be more desirable, i.e. some other website (perhaps IFTTT?) would watch for changes in the token ownership and then notify the lockitron of the new owner.

All of this is higher-level conceptual stuff, but I guess one thing is unclear to me: I’ve seen the API documentation, but how does the actual physical communication with the Lockitron occur? Do I directly communicate with it over wi-fi, or does some centralized server on the internet tell it when to lock & unlock? Another way of stating that, can a Lockitron operate without an internet connection, or does it need to “phone home” to some central server whenever the key verification takes place?

Thanks for any feedback.


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