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Lockitron update delayed a day to 10/29 (edit - posted)


Folks, apologies however we won’t be sending out our promised update for 10/28 until tomorrow, 10/29. We sincerely apologize for the delay. We have some great updates on both Sense and shipments that we’re excited to share with everyone tomorrow.

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Ok I’m ready. Well, I hope I am anyway.



And the update is up on our blog! Take a look at http://blog.lockitron.com/post/101303702232/sense-is-coming-shipment-progress-and-adding-more

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@cameron - great update thanks. Is sense also coming to Android at the same time?



@joel_d_eggenhui we’ll have the Android beta close to the same time - we’re working on mirroring the notifications like iOS but it will be a bit different. Additionally we’re still working to debug BLE on Android which has proven far less reliable than we would like.



thanks mate. Sometimes it seems like mine is using bluetooth (LG G3) - lockitron gets asleep notification response… I retry without touching door and am closer to door and it unlocks. but no bluetooth icon. So guessing the answer, no it is not using bluetooth! :slight_smile: