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Lockitron v2 API Open for Business


If you’ve missed out developer updates, make sure to head over to https://api.lockitron.com/v2/documentation for the new v2 Lockitron API. This includes a few requested features like the ability to change handedness, the WiFi sleep interval as well as update firmware.

There are still a few kinks, so let us know if you find any issues and we’d be happy to take a look.

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Hey, awesome to see this!

First off, where can I find the changelog to the updated firmware? Curious to see what’s changed exactly.

Secondly, the datetime fields are confusing, it shows a time that’s 4 hours ahead of my timezone (EST). For instance, at time of posting this of 1930 (7:30pm EST), it shows: updated_at: “2014-08-11T22:49:51Z”

That looks like 10:49pm but not sure what timezone that’s in. This was from the GET https://api.lockitron.com/v2/locks



Ah, note on the firmware updates - we don’t have a change log available yet, and along with that I believe we’ve yet to publicly show the version number. I will make a note for us to get a changelog together.

All times should be shown in UTC (which also happens to be GMT); from there we offer the device’s timezone through the “time_zone” parameter. Depending on how you want to display time to the user you can either show the time relative to the lock itself or to the user (if, for instance, a person is traveling).



Ah ha! I figure that was GMT, since I didn’t know for sure what the “updated_at” really was (waking up, last firmware update, etc), I wasn’t quite sure what time it was truly referencing.

Anyway, got it sorted out now, and am tinkering with the API and just loving it!!

While I love the dashboard of course, and the mobile app as well, I’ve taken to designing my own little website to use, and am currently trying to make a request that will respond with the next wakeup time so I don’t have to do that through the app by doing an action, and seeing what it says the next wakeup time is then me hit “cancel”.

Loving this, did the bluetooth firmware update, but haven’t did the regular firmware update yet cause I don’t know exactly what it’s changed, and It took me a while to get it working perfectly.



Awesome! Need to add in the ability to cancel a pending request to the public API as well, and well as notes updating the AVR. We’d love to see code or screenshots!

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If I get a chance (I know I say this a lot), I’ll try to get something running with OpenHAB so there are some examples for others to build off of. I know @kurtisnelson has this set up as well.