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Logging not working for code, key or hand


My two lockitrons worked perfectly when I ran them with Bluetooth connectivity only. Logging of all activity was done right. But when I installed bridge logging of actions by hand, code or key is not logged. Only actions with the app is logged. How do I resolve this issue?

Same problem for both my lockitrons…



Do you have the latest firmware?
Sounds similar to he issues I’ve been having since updating to the latest firmware version.


I have the latest firmware on one of the Lockitrons. The other have the … 3301 firmware. Same issue with both lockitrons.

Works fine when you are connected through Bluetooth. But connected through wifi, no activities are registered.



Hmmm. wonder if it’s an issue with the bridge firmware then.
Something did change recently as i used to be able to get correct status of lock when remote and there were manual changes to the lock state.
I’m hoping they fix this soon.


Seems like many people have the same problem. As you said, probably something with the bridge since activities are registered perfectly when I’m connected through Bluetooth. @cameron


@drt94jwn yes, this sounds related. With the firmware folks this week, investigating.