MiLocks vs Lockitron

Just wondering, what’s the difference between Lickitron and MiLocks. I got MiLocks at Best Buy Canada, and it’s basically the same. It’s using the Lockitron app. The bluetooth sucks just like Lockitron. Works half the time. I ordered the Lockitron bridge to see if it will do a better job. If it doesn’t work, it’s going back to Best Buy.

Firmware version# 1461012547

@cplus71 MiLocks uses the Lockitron app; what’s the problem with Bluetooth and working half the time? Should connect consistently every time.

Half the time it just says "“scanning” or “comnecting”. Standing right beside the lock. If I remove the battery and put it back, it works again for a little while. IPhone connects more offten than my Samsung S6. Also, it ways says low battery in the dashboard. Tried 3 sets of brand new batteries.

@cplus71 can you let me know the firmware version number listed on the settings page? My guess is that you’re on an early firmware build (which means that the battery information is incorrect too, the batteries you have are likely fine).

Firmware version# 1461012547

im so confused… is milocks the owner for lockitron?

apparently this bridge is available and can be shipped to me?

The MiLocks comes with 2 versions. Keypad, or regular. The outside looks different, however the inside is identical to Lockitron. I just received the bridge. Goes offline sometimes. I’m assuming Lockitron Bolt performs the same way.

but if you look at that bestbuy link i put in my last post, thats the picture to the actual lockitron bridge. is milocks part of lockitron? an apigy company?

The bridge I received says Lockitron on it. On the package it says it works with MiLocks and Lockitron.
Don’t know who owns who. Probably in business together.

so lockitron has been working on keypad for who knows how long, and these guys have one made already?
this is just making my brain melt.

Ya, the keypad looks nice on it. I wouldn’t buy the non-keypad version. It’s currently on Sale. That’s why I got it. The bridge though I feel is too expensive.

@Jason_Silva MiLocks licenses the Lockitron app in their variants; this is our first foray into trying something like this. They purchased a bunch of Bridges long ago to include with their units.

Their Keypad tooling was ready to go sooner than ours (exciting updates on ours coming soon), however, I should note that their Keypad functionality is super basic at the moment (key codes can’t be updated in the app right now). Both MiLocks and Lockitron Keypad functionality will be upgraded to full pin code manipulation via the app once we start shipping our Keypad.

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With the bridge, the unit works well right now. Here is what I learned. Initially I had an issue blinking up the bridge.
It’s easier to blink up the bridge in a darker room environment. The bridge sits in my office, about 15 ft away from the lock. The router is also in the office, which is about 5 ft away from the bridge. All works pretty well so far.

Feature request. Would be nice to give away a guest key for a specific day(s), and time. I have cleaners that come every Friday at say 12 pm. Would be nice to provide them access only on Friday’s from 12 - 5pm, or every other Friday.