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Native amazon echo support through skills?


hey, just curious if this will ever be implemented? I see that the august lock has a skill in the alexa app, was just curious if a lockitron skill is in the works?


@Jason_Silva would you prefer a very limited native home automation skill or a more feature rich Lockitron skill? The August skill isn’t a native home automation one (they don’t have one for locks at the moment) and is a bit limited.


I see that the august lock has some basic functions such as… list the locks, handedness status and to lock the door… im assuming that their is no unlock command for security reasons… but what else do you really need? Battery percentage? Maybe a status on when the door was last unlocked?
Id like a feature rich integration, but what do you think can be implemented that august doesnt have on amazon echo?


@Jason_Silva :smile:

It’s on our near term roadmap but we don’t have a timeline yet.


Glad to know that its in the works!


Btw, please dont require the trigger part… allow us to just say… alexa, lock the side door… simple. Dont make it so you have to say… alexa, tell lockitron to unlock side door.

Steps like that make it annoying fast lol.


@Jason_Silva not up to us :frowning: - if it’s not a native skill the extra trigger is required. Echoing my question above - would you rather have a simple, direct trigger for a limited number of capabilities or a more robust offering where you need to “tell Lockitron”?


oh, i thought it was up to the skill dev… necause i used to have to use triggers for my dlink smart plugs, and they updated the skill so i no longer have to say “alexa, open dlink, turn off upstairs lamp” and now its just alexa, turn off upstairs lamp". Same thing with the harmony skill. I believe smartthings also did an update to their skill making things simpler. I thought it was amazon that opened their api a bit and allowed easier commands.


I know there isn’t an API yet, but don’t forget Google Home whenever Google decides to open it up.


@Bob noted!

I should note for other folks: you can set up Lockitron with Alexa (or Google Home) via IFTTT. It’s a little clunky but works today :slight_smile:


indeed it does work! ive been using it for months like this now! The only crummy part is the 5 second delay. but it does work!


How do we get IFTTT support? I don’t see it in IFTTT, or is it something that needs to be done via the lockitron API with a maker applet?


@Bob not launched just yet - if you ping support@lockitron.com we will get you hooked up with the invite code.


Ok I have lockitron hooked up with ifttt. So what do I need to do to get my google home to work with my lock?


Does home have ifttt support? I know with my alexa, i have to use a trigger phrase to make a recipe.


Hey @Nadforever,

You’ll want to hook up this channel to IFTTT, then Google Home (Assistant) will be able to talk to any IFTTT recipe you have set up:


My two cents:

Ideally, lock status and locking (I get issues with unlocking, long term I hope a voice password system like with purchases on Echo might be implementable) for each lock, and the ability to make groups to lock at once, like a subset of the functionality for Hue lights. Any extended functionality above that seems like dressing - I hope one doesn’t need to ask Alexa about the handedness, but maybe battery status? Or asking who locked/unlocked the door? They’re all niche cases, it seems, and maybe we should use the IFTTT channel for tinkerers (or some method of explicitly seeking out an expanded feature set).


Just popping this thread up again - we’ve been testing Alexa in private for a while now and are ready to add some more folks. Message me or send an email to support if you would like to test Alexa.


Cameron, I would like to test for Alexa if the opportunity still exists?


Could you reach out via support@lockitron.com? We’ll get you set up there.