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Never before activated Backers Lockitron


I have a never before activated my backers Lockitron. I was living in a home with CES locks which required door handle actuation in order to bolt the door. Regardless, I have since moved and attempted to setup my backer’s Lockitron. It would appear that my Lockitron is stuck in “debug” mode as the green led never stops flashing.

Here’s what happened:
Upon first start up of the device I attempted to use the App to register my Lockitron. It failed claiming it could not find that serial number.
I then attached the Lockitron to my wifi through the Need Help? -> Change Wi-Fi Settigs on the start page.
My Lockitron’s WiFi indicator goes green at this point. I then cleared the WiFi settings and went through the setup process again. I get past the serial number portion this time, but blink up turns the wifi logo green for one blink, then repeatedly blinks red.
I finally clear the wifi settings again, reconnect it to my wifi through the Need Help? area again and leave the device. After a while (5-10 minutes) the device makes the start up sound again. I assume it must have done a firmware update.
I then clear the wifi settings, go through the setup process, but again it fails.
Now the Lockitron’s internal green LED is blinking non-stop.

Some people with the same problem previously reflashed firmware to fix the issue, however I do not know how to do that without access to the dashboard which I don’t have as I have never been able to successfully flash this device. I’m stuck, any suggestions?


Looks like my Nexus 6P wasn’t sending the right blink up signal to the Lockitron. Grabbed an iPad and successfully completed blink up and bound the device to my account. Yay.


@Celsian Thanks for the update. I want to say this is something that has come up before - not because of the Android code, but because of the display technologies in use.

I’all have to see if there are any Electric Imp recommendations.


@Celsian based on what you described via support this sounds like an Android bug specifically with the crowdfunded Lockitrons (Android performance blinking up Bridge was better for most of the summer until we resolved an issue in a recent build).