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New Firmware update to 1533846445


One of my two Lockitron bolt locks asked me to update to the latest firmware. I was able to successfully up that one to version 1533846445.
However I’m not able to update my other lockitron Bolt to this new version. Is there anyway I can force the update?

Logging not working for code, key or hand
Firmware 1533846445

Strangely enough now both locks show the new firmware. I had updated the second lock even though it said there was no new version for it. After update it did not show that it was on the new version. I just checked it now and it shows that it was updated. So now both appear to be on the new version.
Any information on what was changed/fixed in the new firmware?


Hi @klidec
Though I don’t work for Lockitron, this is what I was able to find out:

Some small stuff on how keys are stored on the device, fixing a bug with the duration of auto-lock, and some groundwork for some big stuff


Hi guys,

Can Lockitron Team provide detailed list of what has improved or changing based on this new firmware being pushed? Thanks.


I am also interested in knowing what the changelog for the firmware update. It has been humming along for quite some time, and I don’t want to risk a bad flash if there is no reason to.


@Bob @oneframe I have some small notes that I posted above:

I’ll see if I can get any more details.


I had the same experience. I did the update 3 times. All apparently failed. When I retired the next morning I got the “your firmware is up to date” message… and the version number changed without any additional upgrade attempts.

Additionally, during the second upgrade attempt, I killed the process after it had been running for 20 minutes with no apparent signs of an active download. When I powered off the bolt (removed a battery) the batteries were too hot to touch. I let them cool down before restoring them. The thin plastic/mylar labels on the batteries had “wrinkled” due to the heat. After re-install and reboot and waiting several days for the “battery meter” to re-sync, battery life% had dropped from 73% to 53%. All due to the ultra-high usage during the failed upgrade attempt.


Anthony: Thanks for the updates

I sent in the following request:
When sending the “It looks like the firmware on the Lockitron named ZZZZZZZ is out of date and should updated.” e-mail, how about stating:

firmware on the Lockitron named ZZZZZZZ is out of date: level 123456 first released on xx/yy/2017 and should be upgraded to level 123789 released on mm/dd/yyyy. Level 123789 contains the following fixes and updates: blah blah blah.

I’d love to see some debugging support that logs/monitors BRIDGE connectivity. I have “GOOD” WiFi (-51dBm) and GOOD Bluetooth signal strength (-61dBm), but Wi-FI access to the lock or even the ability to display “Bridge Diagnostics” (intermittently present on the “Settings” page) has left me disappointed with the overall usefulness of the Bridge/Bolt combo. It seems like they never really made it off the ground. I placed my original order in October 2012, Installed my Bolt/Bridge in June 2016.


Hi folks - I didn’t expect that this update was going to go into production so soon so I didn’t have any notes queued up for it.

The fixes were minor and around a low level Bluetooth function whereby one or more of the GATT characteristics could be edited by another party close to the lock, thus creating the potential for denial of service.

@Dave I recommend trying a new power supply; Bridges are pretty binary. Either they work or they don’t and if you’re seeing intermittent connectivity is likely due to a failing power supply or a router that isn’t playing ball with the Bridge (rebooting the router can help, sometimes you need to manually flush DHCP).

I’ve never heard of that failure mode on the Lockitron; it should automatically reboot out of the DFU mode if a firmware update isn’t completed in a minute or two. It shouldn’t stay in that mode for 20 minutes.


I replaced the Bridge power supply and connectivity seems to be much better :wink: Thanks!

Would it be possible to log failed authentication requests? I’d like to have a record of how often I can’t connect via WiFi.

What happened to logging manual lock/unlock events? The last time these events were logged for me was back in June 2018 (3+ months ago)


@Dave thanks for the feedback; we looked into logging that on a low level but never got to showing those on the user side.

If your Bridge was on the fritz, it’s like that it was unable to sync those logs. You should start to see them again over the next week or two.


@cameron adding this feedback here since this issue popped up with this latest firmware.
I have been using the homebridge-Lockitron plugin for a long time now without issue.

Behavior before latest firmware:
If I were to arrive at my house and open the door with the Lockitron app and then close the door manually with my hands behind me.
Then open the Apple home app later.
The home app would get the latest state of the Lockitron and report the door as correctly being closed.

Behavior after latest firmware:
If I were to arrive at my house and open the door with the Lockitron app and then close the door manually with my hands behind me.
Then open the Apple home app later.
The home app checks for state but reports the door as incorrectly being open.
To get the correct state from the Apple home app I have to open the Lockitron app. The Lockitron app also thinks the door is open but only temporarily as it checks for correct latest state. The Lockitron app then updates the state to showing closed. I can then open the Apple home app and it will end up showing the correct closed state of the door.

Was there some change with the latest firmware that would cause this behavior?



I did some troubleshooting with just the lockitron app.
When I disable Wi-Fi and just use Bt to connect here is the behavior.
Manual by hand lock and unlock operations register almost immediately in the lockitron app.
Though the app crashes pretty often after just a few manual lock unlocks events.

When I disable bluetooth and only connect via Wi-Fi here is the behavior.
Manual lock and unlocks don’t register at all.
No updates in the app.

Seems like something is up with Wi-Fi connections and status updates.

I’ve confirmed by looking at an api requeat response for state value, that when locking and unlocking by hand the state value in the response to the api call does not change. Seems like only updates via Bluetooth change the state value when actual lock state is change by hand. And only connection via Bluetooth can read the correct state of the lock . Connections via Wi-Fi show correct state only after Bluetooth has gotten the correct actual state of the lock.


@klidec I’ve heard of more crash reports on iOS but am not aware of the reason; sounds like iOS 12 might be playing a roll.

That’s odd with the Bridge not picking up state changes. There are issues with the library that we use to pick up state changes from web which have never been fully resolved. I recommend power cycling Bridge and watching the LEDs; after it powers up you should see the blue LED go solid for several seconds while it syncs with the lock.


Thanks for the reply.
Confirming that I’m on iOS 12. So could be ios related.
I’ll give your suggestion a try and watch the blinking lights.


I unplugged and re plugged in the bridge.
I get a solid blue light that stays solid for a bit then turns off for a bit and then repeats.
The green light is a slow-ish blinking.
Bridge diagnostics shows -49 WiFi and -80 BT.
Wi-Fi id shows my 2.4ghz network ssid.

I’m atill experiencing the incorrect status issue when on Wi-Fi away from home.


One more observation that might help.
I disabled Bluetooth on my phone so that I was only connected via Wi-Fi.
I experimented with locking and unlocking via Wi-Fi in the lockitron app.
About 90% of the time the door would actually perform the lock or unlock operation but would not update its state in the lockitron app to show the correct current state of the lock.
I would then have to repeat the lock or unlock action In the lockitron app to get it to show the correct state In the app.
About 10% of the time I could lock or unlock the bolt and the app would also update the state to show the correct lock state in the app.


For good measure I replaced the batteries on the lockitron.
No luck. Manual unlock and lock operations just don’t get updated via bridge.
I need to use the lockitron app with Bluetooth on to register the correct state in the “cloud”. If I go into the lockitron app with bluetooth off and only Wi-Fi on the state won’t update in the app.
It’s happening with both of my locks that both have an associated bridge.


Over the last week or so I have concluded that a new power supply makes no difference. My ability to connected through the Bridge is as intermittent as ever, I have tried “known good” power supplies and cables. I have placed the Bridge 4 feet from the door/Bolt. Steady state (unlocked, no activity, idle) operation has NO lights, blinking or otherwise on the Bridge. In this state, sometimes I can connect via WiFi, other times the connection fails. I can ALWAYS see that my router is connected to the Bridge, I can recycle the Bridge connection from the router side and it always re-connects.

Does the Lockitron team have a test-tool that would allow for connecting/debugging/probing the Bridge?


Sorry to hear about your issues Dave.
My issue seems a bit different.
I have no problem with my phone on Wi-Fi and bluetooth off, locking and unlocking the bolt via the lockitron app. When I’m doing this and looking at the bridge I can see a solid blue light on. So I can tell that the bridge is on and connected via BT.
So for me, lock and unlock works perfect from my phone via Bt or Wi-Fi.
My main issue is status updates of the locks state when it is manually turned on or off by hand. Those updates only seem to register after I open up the lockitron app with BT on.

@cameron can I see if rolling back to prior firmware fixes my issue? Could it have been because of a bridge firmware update? Would be great to test this out but I think you would have to push the old firmware to me.