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New Firmware update to 1533846445


No differance, also my app crashes in Iphone x after i lock or unlock on wifi.


On my iphone XS the app also occasionally crashes when using wifi for lock unlock.
It also sometimes crashes if I’m in the app and turn Bluetooth back on and then unlock or lock the door via BT.


Mine does it now 100% all the time. Good thing I use api mostly to lock and unlock.


@cameron how are things looking? Did the information on the tests help?


@klidec thanks for the help. I need to ask the firmware folks to test the upgrade in a full path (i.e. 149 to 153) as I believe they may have been using an external programmer. Unfortunately I’m not super close the the process and will have to wait for them to get back.


@cameron how are things progressing?


Status? This is getting sad on this end , lock is unasable for what its meant. Just using keys again. Cant leave us hanging here, We need old firmware back or this one fixed.


@cameron Congrats on the Chamberlain deal!

Or at least i hope it’s congrats.
I also hope this means you’ll get more resources to help improve the services/bugs…


@klidec thanks, this has actually been in the works since early last year.

Although I can’t supply many details, the folks at Chamberlain are working on some great next steps for Lockitron. Unfortunately that also means Paul and I are further away from debugging issues like this and getting fixes deployed.

I didn’t have a hand in this latest release, although it seems as though next to nothing should have changed which is why we’re puzzling over this bug (and starting to suspect it might be on the web side). I’ll be working more closely again with folks towards the end of the month, but I would say keep an eye out for more news from Chamberlain (in general).


Keep us posted on where the future support requests should go.
If there are other tests i can run please let me know or have chamberlain reach out.


I found this forum just now. Ive been having the exact same issue since the latest firmware in October. I wish I hadn’t upgraded. Luckily everything else works fine, but when I come home and manually lock the door (once inside), homebridge doesn’t recognize the locked state. I’ve learned to live with it.


@cameron any further progress? I think I’m nearing the end of the line for my smart home endeavors. My wife keeps looking directly into my front door cam with a face that says “i’m not happy with you turning my home ‘smart’”. :smile:


I would love the old firmware, since this would fix the issue. Also will my lock now stop working since I guess your servers will not be running…?


@haffi there hasn’t been any messaging from Chamberlain with respect to the Lockitron servers; see my reply on this thread: Acquisiton, and what it means for the community


I have had the same issues as haffi with the new firmware. Is there a way to go back one version. That one worked without issues. Now I’m leaving home and when I check randomly my door stays unlocked, doesn’t lock up anymore like it did before.


I emailed lockitron support weeeks ago to try and get some attention to this api/firmware issue. I’ve heard no response from chamberlain. Sent them a link to this thread.

Any way you can nudge them to look into this?
Away from home without direct access to a bt connection with the lock, you just can’t trust the lock status. What is your honest take on this? Do you think this will get resolved?


This is a sad issue :frowning:


The worst part is that there was 0 response from support@lockitron.com. I don’t think it’s being monitored.


@cameron any chance you can push chamberlain to look at this issue?
My wife left our house door unlocked today. Since the app does not update status when we leave the house and rely on Wi-Fi/cell connection we got no warning. App and even homebridge showed that the door was locked even though it was open.
It looks like others are having the same issue. Since door lock status accuracy pretty important for a door lock it would be good for chameberlain to address this…
Thanks for any help you can provide. Chamberlain has ignored my two emails on the subject and also has not responded to my twitter message.


Sad :(, currently looking into hacking the bridge code , since this project like many other cloud base stuff does not work anymore. Yet another thing you buy and support is dropped. I talked to the importer here in iceland which also import chaimberland, and they had nothing heard and have stopped pushing the product.