New Firmware update to 1533846445

@cameron any further progress? I think I’m nearing the end of the line for my smart home endeavors. My wife keeps looking directly into my front door cam with a face that says “i’m not happy with you turning my home ‘smart’”. :smile:

I would love the old firmware, since this would fix the issue. Also will my lock now stop working since I guess your servers will not be running…?

@haffi there hasn’t been any messaging from Chamberlain with respect to the Lockitron servers; see my reply on this thread: Acquisiton, and what it means for the community

I have had the same issues as haffi with the new firmware. Is there a way to go back one version. That one worked without issues. Now I’m leaving home and when I check randomly my door stays unlocked, doesn’t lock up anymore like it did before.

I emailed lockitron support weeeks ago to try and get some attention to this api/firmware issue. I’ve heard no response from chamberlain. Sent them a link to this thread.

Any way you can nudge them to look into this?
Away from home without direct access to a bt connection with the lock, you just can’t trust the lock status. What is your honest take on this? Do you think this will get resolved?

This is a sad issue :frowning:

The worst part is that there was 0 response from support@lockitron.com. I don’t think it’s being monitored.

@cameron any chance you can push chamberlain to look at this issue?
My wife left our house door unlocked today. Since the app does not update status when we leave the house and rely on Wi-Fi/cell connection we got no warning. App and even homebridge showed that the door was locked even though it was open.
It looks like others are having the same issue. Since door lock status accuracy pretty important for a door lock it would be good for chameberlain to address this…
Thanks for any help you can provide. Chamberlain has ignored my two emails on the subject and also has not responded to my twitter message.

Sad :(, currently looking into hacking the bridge code , since this project like many other cloud base stuff does not work anymore. Yet another thing you buy and support is dropped. I talked to the importer here in iceland which also import chaimberland, and they had nothing heard and have stopped pushing the product.

Would be amazing to have the bridge work with homebridge directly to make it HomeKit compatible.
I’m still hoping chamberlain ends up supporting the bridge. I’d even be up for buying a new bridge from chamberlain that works with the lock.

Not sure that will work since apple set certain encryption standards that this hardware might not be able to support.
But let see

It “works” now with homebridge on an rpi but uses the Lockitron api’s.
I say works in quotes because of the issue we are having with the lock but it used to work great.

@klidec sorry, I don’t mean to ghost on this issue but I don’t have a satisfactory response on this right now. I’m no longer in possession of any diagnostic locks to investigate apart from my person ones (which are on 149). The only thing I can help with right now is putting you on beta firmware vs. production (I believe beta is also 153…but who knows, it might help out?)

Thanks for the offer for the beta and the continued support. I’d be willing to try a beta just to see if it helps.

@klidec I see two locks on your account - want to PM me with the one you want to test? (or both?)

I would love a Beta ! , anything is beter then the current situation ?

Also is there anyway to talk to the bridge directly , via API ?

The beta that Cameron pushed to me didn’t help. It also had the same beta version number. I believe Cameron mentioned it was compiled differently? Not sure. But I saw no change in behavior. I still have the same Issues.

If @cameron is still monitoring these forums and if there is an updated beta firmware I’d love to test it out.

@klidec I am, but unfortunately not too much I can do these days. Once you are on the “beta” flag you will receive any and all beta updates as they come through. I have no idea what the intentions are around issuing future firmware updates from the Lockitron servers.

@haffi there is no public API for the Bridge. I can change your Bolt to the beta, but the current beta should, in theory, mirror the production build exactly.