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New Lockitron app update for iOS (3.5.14) feedback


Some feedback on the update for the Lockitron app update that just came out:

  1. It logged me out of my account. Kind of annoying.

  2. Once it updated, it would just hang at “Authenticating” when trying to connect to my lock. Re-install resolved this, but also annoying.

  3. For the first time since the beta app expired, proximity unlock worked for me. Horrible that I had to wait this long for progress and it wasn’t even in the release notes, but worth a shot if you’ve had similarly horrible experience with proximity unlock as I have.

I’ll continue to try it for the next few days and report back on consistency.


My girlfriend and I both experienced everything you just listed. Prior to this, the lock started to work flawlessly. This last update was 10 steps backward functionality wise.


My proximity unlock has been working a lot better, actually. Before this update it worked 0% of the time. Now it seems to work as long as I’m not charging in the car (really need to do something about that!). If it was a step back for you, try deleting and reinstalling the app. Finally improvement on the experience for me, at least as far as proximity unlock.


@Mitch @Jczippy sorry, this was pushed out really hastily to deal with the BlinkUp certs expiring. Working on fixes now.


@cameron Was the widget removed from last version? I cannot find it since last update.