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No logs received for pin codes or keys!


I have set up my Lockitron, and invited a friend.

I can connect with BlueTooth, he cannot not. His phone only stays in the “Searching …” screen.

I have added 3 different pin codes, lets call the code1, code2 and code3.
They all work, but I get no notification when the door is unlocked with any of these codes.

Also, if someone opens the door with the key, I get no notifications …

How can I fix this?

I have bought the bridge, but haven’t installed that one yet.


@microkid I recommend updating the firmware on Lockitron Bolt; then, due to issues with the latest app updates, you probably want to fully uninstall and re-install the mobile app. Let me know what firmware version you see after updating.


Thanks, I will have a look tomorrow :slight_smile:


Just did a firmware update. Also removed the app from my phone and re-installed it. Still no logs when opening the door with pin-codes…

Firmware version: 1496965865


@microkid logging from pin codes is in beta and can take a while to sync.


Oh, I see. 4 days now since first time I tried pin-codes. Still not in the log …