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"Non-cloud" API


I’ve got some questions regarding the use of the API… first off, I think this is GREAT… I can’t wait to get one up and running, what an awesome idea! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while!!

Basically… I’ve got a pretty integrated home automation system, lighting control, motion detection, ip cameras, proximity detection via wifi, bluetooth and GPS… long story short, my “house” knows at least who’s home and what rooms have people in them and most of the time who is in which room… mostly based on motion detection, gps notifications and checking to see if devices are associated with wifi and bluetooth radios…

That being said… I’m working on putting together a large “secure” security and surveillance system and one of the goals I set was that access control and auditing be totally self contained so currently, the system has no internet access. Devices associate with bluetooth radios and with triangulation, I know approximately where they are in the rooms as well as outside.

My question is… will you have a direct API or the ability to host a small API server application in something like a virtual machine so I might be able to control the locks without needing to hit your servers?


I agree. Foscams (and virtually all other IP cameras) do this. The camera just host a web server inside the network; you open up the port, and you access your camera remotely – no need for anybody else to be in the picture.

I would like Lockitron to work like this also.


I doubly agree. We need a way to directly access the lockitron not through the cloud. The way this works you’ll be locked out if your internet happens to be down when you arrive home. Of course, you might still have a physical key :wink: I also work for a home automation company and have the resources to develop whatever secure protocol system can be developed. But a way to talk directly to the device, over wifi or bluetooth (wifi would be better…) is important. The keys or unique ID’s or whatever can still be created through the cloud, but some local table of a limited number of them should be stored on the device for direct actuation.


Local Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) API access is on the roadmap and all BLE development has been done with the assumption we will enable this in the future.

That said, we’re trying to be very careful with this. In principle, we do not want someone to be able to grant access to the lock with out the owner’s knowledge.


Can you reveal any timing with that roadmap? How about NFC?


Sorry to revive old topic, but there’s no answer anywhere else
I wouldn’t want to use the cloud due to the chance of hackers getting into it – I want to open my front door with a push of a button, I don’t want any thief to have a way to do that :frowning:


the answer to that is simple then. The lock can already send it’s status changes, it just needs to send an alert when a new user is added that way. If you get an alert that your lock has just added a new user then you know something is up and you can disable it through the software. Or even make it validate against the cloud when connecting to a new device, the owner has to put it into pairing mode through the cloud. So many ways to make it possible for a local control connection.


@Frykun one needs to register Lockitron online to get it setup and do the initial key exchange the first time. You can then take it offline by using the “Clear WiFi Settings” and use it in BLE mode with no cloud connectivity.

That said we’re announcing some improvements to this feature this month.


This is still not possible on android! it will not let me use my lock without cloud connectivity. nor will it respond to bluetooth commands… ive been told that this is being worked on but… man im tired of waiting now adays… crowdfunding peoples projects is taking its toll on me. project after project, im buying stuff that either doesnt work well, or not working at all. Dont get me wrong, lockitron works… in a way… just, not the way i paid for. crowdfunding needs stricter rules. If a product isnt finished and released in a timely manner, people should be refunded.