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Not replying to an email asking for a refund


I have emailed Lockitron over the years asking when I might receive the Lockitron device since backing the project in November 2012.

Last week, April 10th, I sent an email to the founder Cameron and support email to request a refund for the full amount paid for the device, additional add-ons and shipping costs. To date, I have received no response but believe the email has been read.

I can see that Cameron is active on this forum so would you kindly respond to me in this forum as to when you will refund the full amount since I feel I have been left with no other alternative.

Please find a copy of the email sent last week below:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have still not received my Lockitron device, the backer migration that was mentioned did not take place, and I am no longer prepared to wait for the device to be delivered

I kindly request the $149.00 paid on 02/11/2012 for the initial backing, plus the additional amount paid for the custom deadbolt of $29.00 and shipping of $26.75 paid on 23/09/2014 to be repaid in full ($204.75) in the next seven days via the following payment link:


You should be able to review my previous communications regarding this matter but should you be unable to or have any further questions please do let me know, as I have retained copies of the order and earlier emails.

Can you please confirm receipt of this email and when I shall expect the payment to be made.

Kind regards,

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