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Notifications on lock/unlock in iOS app


Are there any plans to implement/deliver the feature that is still highlighted on the main lockitron page, in the section highlighted as “Lockitron gives you peace of mind”, where a push notification is presented to admins on their iOS or Android device, when a lock is unlocked or locked by any other user (either manually by hand, or via the app by another user).


@rhall notifications are on the roadmap, but unfortunately one of the lower priority items while we work through other bugs.

We have basic notifications piped into the Android app today (i.e. low battery) and hope to do the same with iOS soon as well, although it isn’t planned for the next release.


Thanks for the update and info on this Cameron - appreciate it. This feature is a big draw, knowing when the lock is being used by others, hopefully it will bubble to the top soon.


@rhall thanks for the feedback - once we get Webhooks configurable again you should be able to set up your own temporary notifications…(stay tuned re IFTTT!)


No problem - and yes, that is exactly what I was going to do with the Webhooks.


I was about to start a new thread about this, but noticed this old one.
Is there an update on when push-notifications and activity logging on manual/key lock/unlock would be supported?
From what I can tell there are no notification with the bolt+bridge on the iOS app, maybe I am missing something.

This is a very important key feature and the top reason for why I purchased my lockitron.


@distributed this is waiting on the beta firmware that we’re hoping to get out the door soon. Once released we’ll be able to upgrade Bridge to correctly log these manual actions.


Should I signup on the following thread for that?


@distributed yes, or just email support@ directly. I should note that while you will see an improvement in remote state the logs won’t be cleaned up right away (that’s in the works).