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I have notifications set up in the app. Set to Always. I am not receiving any unlock or lock notifications. Is this feature not available?

I am also using IFTTT to send Pushover Notifications on unlock and lock actions. However, it only works when the locks are being controlled via the app. Notifications do not happen when the lock manually changes state.


@npicklo what version of Lockitron do you have? If Bolt, do you have a Bridge?


I do have the bridge. In fact, I have 2 bridges and 2 bolt locks.

Attached is image with firmware.


@npicklo ok, great. Are you seeing notifications from other users?



No notifications in the app from either manually changing the state or changing with in the app.

The only notifications are from IFTTT and Pushover. However, those are only being sent upon seeing the lock via the app. No notifications via manually setting the lock.


Having similar issues. Never been able to get notifications on a key being used to open or manual locking.