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"Official" Lockitron Libraries?


Is there an official list of libraries for integrating to Lockitron’s API, like a list of GitHub links for different platforms? I’ve started working on an Android library that I plan on posting to GitHub and I’ve seen another user here who has contributed some functionality for iOS that I plan on contributing to in the future.



not official - http://github.com/TheThingSystem/node-lockitron - an implementation in node.js

at present only getDevices and lock/unlock are supported


  • marshall


Also, Kurt Nelson did some awesome work on a couple of libs - see Lockitron Ruby Gem: https://github.com/kurtisnelson/lockitron


Excellent! Maybe we can compile a list of different platforms!


I have an implementation for .Net/C# (a portable library). I am using it right now to build a Windows Phone client but I could open source the library if there is any interest.


Yes, please. There is interest :slight_smile:
Thank you very much. I guess this library would work for a standard WPF based application as well.