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OTB crowdfunded Lockitron not being recognized


I bought two back in the old days and one of them just died on me so I took the second unit out and I can’t make it work.

I think it has to do with the fact that this unit might have one of the early firmwares and the iOS app is no longer supporting blink up. Even though I entered the serial number correctly, it’s not working and it doesn’t recognize it as a valid device.

I need help on this issue asap as in currently going commando without any lockitrons installed at the moment.


Replied via Twitter and email, but take a look at this thread as well: Crowdfunded Lockitron won't connect

It’s likely that you’ll need to initiate the firmware update manually if the device has been in a box since the factory. You can do this via the web dashboard on the Settings tab. You may need to “Clear Requests” first. Firmware updates can take 10-15 minutes when the Bluetooth also needs to be updated.

Editing title for clarity, it’s a crowdfunded Lockitron (we were never on Kickstarter :slight_smile:)