Quality Control?

I just received my new Lockitron Bolt after waiting almost 4 years. What a piece of crap. Did anyone quality control or check the devices before they left the floor? After struggling with it for an hour or so, and following the worst support sight I have ever seen, which repeatedly told me it was “my fault” that the bolt would not turn, I opened it up. Cheap plastic and motor is what makes it up. You people at Lockitron should be ashamed that I had to wait 4 years for this. The device didn’t even work when it was not connected to my door. It kept getting jammed up… with no resistance. And yes, I upgrade the firmware and looked for another way to increase power, but your support site sucked so bad, it only showed the original.

I literally threw my Lockitron Bolt in the trash and chalked it up as a loss.


@SoCalGary I don’t see any emails where we told you it was “your fault”. In fact, I don’t see any recent emails from you at all. Maybe send us an email so we can help?

Your help section on your website says it all. They tell you all the
things that “you” could be doing wrong and after spending time sifting
through all the possibilities, I decided to open it up to see if there was
an obstruction.

I shouldn’t have to spend hours on something like this. The mechanics of
your device simply don’t work and whomever sent this out to me, clearly
didn’t quality check it. I was frustrated as you can imagine, and when I
opened the device to see if there was an obstruction, even then it didn’t
work consistently… I was extremely disappointed since I have been
waiting since 2012…

It’s easier for me to simply walk away and consider the payment sunk cost.

@SoCalGary sorry, but we don’t hide our email address in case the help section doesn’t help you. It’s intended to catch all the common issues with the device; if none of them do help we’re more than happy to assist. And I’m reaching out now to diagnose.

Broadly claiming the mechanics don’t work with thousands of folks using the device doesn’t add up all while actively refusing to reach out via email. We would still like to help, but it seems like you’re unwilling to let us.

ive had my bolt for over 5 months now and it works amazingly well, and so do many others out there.

That is great for you. The one I received (again, after waiting 4 years
for it and had to remind the senior management that I was an early
investor), doesn’t work. Telling me that yours works when mine does not,
doesn’t do anything for me or anyone else.

My Lockitron does not work. I tried to make it work. I know how to put
door handles together and have done it for dozens of doors. The device
simply did not work even when it was off the door… it would work
intermittantly and then jam up.

Perhaps this only happened to me and I was the receiver of bad luck on a
bad device or batch… It must be me because nobody else has ever had any
issues with it… As Cameron says, “we have thousands of them out there
with no issues.”

My response was directed to this part of your message:

my apologies as i did not mean to pour gas into the fire.

@SoCalGary we’d really like to help at support@lockitron.com; that’s the most effective place to let us know if the product doesn’t work so we can replace it.