Question about how two Lockitron Bolts would work together

I installed my lockitron and bridge a few days ago on my front door.
Looks great, easy install. Love it so far.

Right now i have an issue where with auto unlock sense turned on my front door opens when i pull into my garage. Not ideal since i’d like to have the front door remained closed if i enter via the garage.

I’m thinking of purchasing another Bolt for the garage door (sans bridge). Would the Sense feature be smart enough to know when i’m closer to the garage door vs the front door and only open the garage door automatically for me?

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@klidec I don’t think location data is reliable enough for this use case, but I’ll let Cameron speak definitively on that - although perhaps if your garage is far enough away from the front door, the Bluetooth signal could be used to discriminate? These limitations aren’t unique to any particular smart lock, unfortunately.

As an alternative (less-ideal, for sure) solution, I think Sense behavior is defined per-lock (confirmation?), so you could have the garage lock be proximity unlock - if it isn’t a problem that it unlocks even when you don’t come home via the garage - and the front door be notification based, but you’d have to take out your phone to trigger unlocking. This is another use case that would be cleaned up by Keypad (see here for the functionality it is planning to provide - Bolt Keypad - FAQ) , since you could touch the unlock button there, feasibly, rather than having to dig for your phone.

Thanks for the reply,
I’m hoping that perhaps Bluetooth has the ability to decern between my distance to both locks.
I’m not expecting this to be a feature right now but hope it might be possible in the future.
Until then as you suggested I’ll probably have the garage use sense auto unlock and the front door require manual confirmation for opening.
Once the keypads are available I may opt for one for the front door. Will see.