Question - Will popping out one battery during sleeping hours save battery life?

Question - Will popping out one battery during sleeping hours save battery life?

@Nick -
Yes, this would work essentially. I don’t know how the information is stored on Crowdfunded Lockitron (wi-fi details, connections, keys), so I would caution against doing it without verifying with Support by e-mail.

You could always try it one night just to see :slight_smile:

@Nick @anthonylavado it’s safe to do with Lockitron Bolt.

It can cause issues with the crowdfunded Lockitron simply because of how the queueing works with automatic firmware updates (a reboot will trigger it to compare its firmware with the latest available, and may update unexpectedly); if you’re on the latest update this almost is never an issue unless the firmware version is accidentally read as a corrupt value (I’ve seen it happen a few times).

I believe all other settings in the non-volatile memory like WiFi information should be fine.

Please excuse me as I am a bit limited in “computerese”. This morning I put the battery back in and everything was fine for awhile (20 - 30 min.). When I went to open the lock by hand it was stuck as it is now. Could please advise me?

@Nick is this a crowdfunded Lockitron or Bolt? Have you been using this lock for a while or did you just recently set it up?

Crowdfunded Lockitron… had it for about 1 month.

I’m new to chat sorry…

I set it up when I first got it…

@Nick send us an email at support@lockitron.com, I think we can help you better there.

It appears to be fixed. I went to the Settings page and discover that all my calibration settings were up? I set them to 0. I made sure Power Save Mode was on. I cleared the firm wear from the Settings page and then rebuilt them it. Finally, I disconnected and reconnected the Crowdfunded Lockitron to the internet. Now it seems to be working normally.

Honestly on my crowdfunded lockitron, i dont find any difference in battery life by enabling power save mode… it may or may not add 1 week more but its very little… remember, everytime you unlock or knock the lockitron, itll still connect to wifi. It would be nice if maybe one day we could completely disable wifi and use bridge with the crowdfund, maybe thatll make the battery life last much longer. Or maybe just wait for ossia to release their wireless charging aa batteries… lol i cant wait for that!

Hi Jason,

I still am mystified as to why it takes so must energy to connect to wifi? My AA’s seem to drop in voltage 0.7 to 0.1 V at a time. The Crowdfunded Lockitron we have on the front door receives very few commands, and some hand turns. I have not read any good technical explanations as to why this happens.

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Wifi is just not very efficient unfortunately. Altho tech always changes, i do remember reading an article somewhere that someone has created a wifi chip thats 100 times more efficient than todays wifi.
Wifi is just a battery hog, thats why you never see anything with wifi built in. Cant say laptops and phones and tablets, those arent meant to last 6 months on a single charge, theyre charged usually right after your done using them.
My v2 is lucky to make 2 months off of 1 charge and thats 90% manual hand turns, wifi is just not good for battery usage, thus the creation of bolt and bridge, 2 amazing devices. I love my bolt and bridge and i recommend lockitron to my friends and family, its a vast improvement.

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@Nick can you drop us a line at support@lockitron.com? It seems like devices with missing Bluetooth credentials can experience a worse battery life than those with…