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I’m coming up on 8 weeks since I got an email acknowledging that my returned Lockitron was received. I was told that my refund would take 4-6 weeks. I’ve emailed a couple times since the 6 week mark, but have received no responses. Anybody out there? What’s the story?

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@ih8gates sorry about that. I’ll take a look at this, checks take a while to go out.


But emails should be easy to send. I’m pretty frustrated at this point.


Im also lacking response back from support.

One of the first mail was sent from me in the beginning of October, and still no response back.

Im still waiting for my schlage deadbolt that should supposedly fix so that the lockitron were usable on my door.
Ordered in august, 4-6 weeks delivery time. Money should not be drawn from my card before it was heading out of the warehouse. My card was charged in september. But my order still shows unfullfilled. And nothing has arrived.

Im actually considering raising a claim to my creditcard company regarding both my lockitron order and deadbolt order. So that I actually have a possibillity to get my money back if this wont work.

I understand that you guys have a lot of emails to respond to, but what about sending an autoreply with a casenumber and an estimated response time on the emails?

Come on, it should not take over a month to reply on a simple email should it?


NoKeRse’s thread takeover aside, It’s been a week since your note and I haven’t seen a refund to my card (or a check for that matter - really a check?)


@ih8gates just to confirm, your refund was issued last week.

In most instances we do refund electronically (and we really prefer to do it this way.) Under certain circumstances we can not issue a refund through one of our financial service providers (extended period of time between payment and refund, change of address/CC info, expired account, etc.)

As it was a Friday and there was a government holiday this week I expect it will take a little bit longer to arrive than usual to deliver but I have confirmed it was successfully sent.

We do actively monitor our support emails and do our best to respond to inquiries within 24 hours. In your case, the unit was returned to the factory and inspected for completeness and quality. There was a hiccup in relaying that your order was received by our factory (in part due to a new return process) but we since addressed the issue and dispatched your check.



12 weeks ago David informed me, that I’ll receive refund. I have not received any refund yet. Even more annoying, I did not want to send lockitron back, but you did not fulfill european law regulations with your product, so the customs office had to send it back!

My account email: beck-maximilian@web.de


You need to do a charge-back on your credit card before you can no longer do so.


@akkumulator1 it looks like a check went out in September, I’ll assume you didn’t receive this. Please follow up via email with the appropriate address.


I too was promised a check in the mail for my returned lockitron and have not gotten anything. Going on 8 weeks.

I sent a support email at the 7 week mark and didnt hear anything back.


I still haven’t heard anything about my refund - it’s going on 4 months now? I’ve already sent 2 replies asking for my refund check but I haven’t gotten anything


@cameron I live in germany, I’m afraid I can’t accept checks. Can’t you just send me the money back via amazon payments? Do you need the transaction or reference ID for this?


@akkumulator1 hmm - unfortunately Amazon won’t let us do that; we’re happy to help coordinate another method via support@lockitron


I sent a email on 08.10.2014, 23.01.2015 and yesterday. Nobody ever replied to my emails.


@akkumulator1 understood, makes sense that the check didn’t arrive. Will follow up via email.


Dear Cameron,

I have also had the same issue and Susan from lockitron who used to respond to my emails has no longer responded to them. I returned the lockitron in December 2014 and was promised a check in 4-6 weeks. It is now approaching 4-6 months and no word or anything. Please provide input - a refund is long overdue.

Thanks, Greg


@gregory_h_kim working on this now, sorry, looks like your ticket was assigned to someone no longer working on them.


I was told I would receive a refund in the mail between 4-6 weeks on March 12th. I am going on 8 weeks and have emailed multiple times… almost once a week and have not received a response. Please let me know what the next step is and how I can receive a refund.


I was not one of the early backers of Lockitron, but I hoped to be part of the community, so I asked when I might get Lockitron if I ordered today in July 2014, and I got a promising answer “Fall 2014”. Obviously I didn’t get any update so I asked again in December 2014, and the response was there’s a delay and no precise day was given.

I wanted to just cancel the order since I didn’t see the light of this long wait, so I sent emails regarding refund on 1/6/15, 1/8/15, and 1/10/15 but I got NO RESPONSE AT ALL. I want to cancel my order.



@islanderman sorry about that, it looks like someone responded back a couple of hours ago.