Refund Questions

SO…here’s a quote from the last email I received from support on the refund:
“Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. As it turns out, we are unable to confirm a definite date on when your refund will be completed but, we are working on it and we will notify you once it has been processed.”

No definite date? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry but why am I not surprised? I am not getting my money back…am I?

@bn2kool4u I just followed up via support and processed these.

@cameron I purchased the Lockitron for my brother in law for his birthday. Although it was delayed a bit, he installed it and loves it! Speaking with him the only problem he had was he wished I bought the bridge for it. That’s when I found out he never received his bridge I paid for. I’d prefer a bridge over a refund. Don’t you have any spare functioning bridges laying around? I work in Santa Clara . i know your offices were located in Mountain View. So if you are still local and have spare bridge, I’d certainly appreciate getting one. I contacted support quite a while ago and still no bridge or refund. Is there any other way to get Lockitron WiFi access besides the bridge?

@cameron Still no refund…what’s is the hold up?

who can i contact to get refund for bridge? ive given up its been years of waiting…

Still waiting here…

@bn2kool4u if you haven’t seen the refunds, reach out via email support. The folks there can help request refund tracking information from the credit card processor since this was done back in July.

Just a followup for everyone. Its been nearly 6 months since my long post above, and I still have not received a refund. I have send another 3 emails to their support. I am awaiting a reply. PLEASE REFUND 101856916.

this is a scam. buyers beware. no refunds are being given. No product exists. move on. Still have not refunded me, see post here - Refund Questions and here - Refund Questions

Hello, I’m trying to get a refund. Can somebody help?

A follow up here - Chamberlain has been working with PMC to send out emails to customers who have not received product (or you can opt for Lockitron if that is all you are waiting for). @Mayallma if you were waiting for a Lockitron or Lockitron accessory you should have received one of these messages.

These emails went out over the past month - there is some more detail about what I know on the thread Acquisiton, and what it means for the community.

The Chamberlain folks are working through refund questions at support@lockitron.com - I don’t believe they are equipped to offer support through this thread so I recommend reaching out via email.

I haven’t received my refund. How can we check to see if it been process. It been more than month since I got your email

@Bugsboy513 sorry, I don’t have any details on the process or a way to check in on it. I know that Chamberlain is aware of the refund obligations and working on it.

Can I please get an update on the status of my refund? It’s been 8 weeks and I haven’t received anything

@shartcher -

Sorry, I don’t have any details on the process or a way to check in on it. I know that Chamberlain is aware of the refund obligations and working on it.

I have heard of some folks receiving checks so I would recommend keeping an eye out.

Recieved my full refund (pleasant surprise, as only did no receive bridge). 6 weeks from filling out refund form to getting cheque.


I received the “Lockitron Refund Confirmation” for two “Bolt Preview” from noreply@pmci.com on Tue, Feb 19, 2019 at 1:57 AM and have enquired via technical.support@chamberlain.com about it (Case 20190621-1567442) and they tell me to call (872) 222-8717. Sitting here in Australia I prefer to sort this out via email. Below reddit page tells me that support@lockitron.com will be able to provide answers. Is this forum able to help?

Looking forward to a speedy response.


@HubertWagner I do not believe that phone number is actively monitored anymore; I believe that support@lockitron.com is still your best bet, however, I no longer have any insight as to how those emails are processed.

Hello Cam i backed your project at 2012 buying 3 lockitrons. Now 8 years later I still haven’t received anything. I would love a refund now. I spoke with your people several times. And there just ignoring me. The offered med a refund several years ago. And still haven’t received items or cash. Now I would like cash. Please respond to this.

@Sofian as noted in a few places I haven’t worked on Lockitron related items since early 2018. Chamberlain assumed all the obligations there including refunds. I recommend reaching out to them directly to help handle your refund.