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Refund Questions


I’ve asked several times directly to Lockitron for a refund but the silence is deafening. I’m going to buy a competing device as this company is a joke. My mistake for believing in them on Nov 8, 2014…


I hear you. I’ve asked nicely and then not as nicely. This is a bogus organization. They couldn’t run a one hole outhouse at a bean bake.


PMSL! And while they’ve been screwing around, the competition has blown by them. Real companies with real sales, customer support and distribution pipelines.


@PaperworkPilot your refund has been processed.

@buckdharma as noted before, please send these requests to support@lockitron.com; we don’t handle them through hello@lockitron.com


I have been trying to get a refund check since April of this year and have had no replies for months. Is anyone there who can help? I have sent multiple emails to the support email address that have been ignored.


I have the same issue. Try the local BBB. Lockitron’s address is

1063 West El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 94040


@xander314 sorry for the delay, your check is on its way.


@cameron Hi Cameron, I also have been trying to get a refund for the past few months. I have not received any responses. I was wondering if there was an update on canceling my order. Thanks.


@rnakata just followed up via email - we’ll need to get you a check based on the age of the order.


Thank you for the quick response.


6 months and still no refund. Any help you could give would be appreciated.


@Layton just followed up via email, let me know if we have the right address for a check.


It seems this is the best way to get a response from Lockitron. I’ve been having the same experience trying to get a refund for my cancellation.

I pre-ordered back in July 2014, was on the waiting list seemingly indefinitely, and cancelled when the Bolt was announced due to compatibility issues. My order has been cancelled, but it has been months with no updates on the refund. @cameron, can you look into that too?


@chriztofr followed up via email, check is on its way.


I order my lockitron about 2 years ago. Finally tiring of waiting, I emailed and requested a refund. After nearly a month, I got a response saying my order had been cancelled but no mention of a refund. I responded asking about the money and have gotten no repose… My next recourse is contacting Amazon. I want my $200 back!!


@Jeannie_McPhail_Ledf that’s incorrect. Following your last email I sent this:

Sorry for the delay - because of the age of your order we need to refund you by check. Could you let me know the appropriate address?

I have received no response, but would be happy to help if you let me know.


I never got that email… Please resend or post an email addy where I can send my address privately
Thank you


@Jeannie_McPhail_Ledf cameron [at] lockitron [dot] com - I’ll keep an eye out!


I’m #10751 (August 2013), and I’m just done with this.

I sent refund request emails to support@lockitron.com last August and mid-February, both with no response. I just sent the same refund request via the Lockitron contact link in the help section of their website.

I realize that we may be close to getting a shipment, but I just don’t care anymore. One can only see so many updates over 3 years before it becomes difficult to believe shipping-related statements. I don’t even remember what color I originally ordered, and it says nothing about that on the dashboard.

Please refund my money so I can use it for something less vaporous.


@johnsmith, from @cameron -

@johnsmith your message was marked as spam as it is sent from an address at a disposable email service with an invalid server certificate. It’s been moved to our main support box so we can address it.”