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@johnsmith Don’t feel bad I been flag before!
Apparently it is OK for Lockitron, to keep on missing ship dates, misinforming customers and not delivering product that has been paid, for well over a year in my case, but when you call them out on it they don’t seem to like it and block your comments!


@Pablo_Valente - The flag on the forum is simply a tool to notify the Administrators that there is a post that requires attention.

As I am always logged in to Discourse, I was not aware that it temporarily hides the post. This was not my intention, and it is not Lockitron’s intention either: they like to be as transparent as possible with their customers, both current and potential. If there is repeat harassment or spam that does not add value to the user community, the ultimate control falls to them as the owners of the company. It is of interest here that I should note I’ve never pressed the delete button on any posts except my own, and I’ve never been instructed to delete a post either.

To alleviate any confusion, I have removed the flag to make the post visible, as it has been answered by @Cameron.

Regarding orders, there are very recent updates posted in this thread. If you still have an active order, and have specific questions regarding your own, you are always free to e-mail support@lockitron.com for information. If you no longer have an active order, or have requested a refund, it is your choice to continue visiting the forum and post. I would only ask that any continued posts be of a constructive nature. I can see you’re frustrated, but posting that repeatedly doesn’t help anyone or add anything to the conversation.


Sneakemail has been in business since 2000! It is an email aliasing service and not disposable email.

I never give out any of my real email addresses and have caught many email database leaks using this service.


@johnsmith they’re caught by spam filters and don’t have a valid SSL cert, maybe another aliasing service is in order. You can see this by visiting snkmail.com in a recent version of most browsers. Chrome throws a nast error and reports: NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID.


I’m trying to receive a refund. The order is already canceled. This is the last log of this very long process:

Jun 6

After Mr. Omead Eftekhari tried to refund me using Paypal I told him that in my country Paypal don’t accept personal payments.

Since his last email on jun 3 he didn’t answer me anymore.

Jun 7

I informed Mr. Omead that i have an american bank account (Bank of America) that can receive wired transfers. I asked him for a confirmation that the refund could be done this way so I can send the account information.

I never received an answer. I sent 6 emails after that and nothing…

I’m changing the communication channel… Perhaps this way the things start happening. Please give me a solution for this and refund me.


@wbucker we can refund via PayPal or paper check. Let us know via the support@lockitron.com which is acceptable.


We have a problem. I tried to explain that I do not live in US, but I have an account in Bank of America. A paper check is worthless for me. I talked with Paypal support and they told me that I can not receive a personal payment in my paypal account. A possible solution is to ask for payment. I think I can ask you for the payment so you can replay through paypal with the refund. this is not the best solution because I’m not gone to receive all the payment value. (Paypal have a fee for this service), but I had enough of Lockitron problem, can you give an email connected with your paypal account so I can send the payment order? Or you can send me a wire transfer to a Bank of America account it is very easy! You have my money for 2 years! I think this is the easiest part!


@wbucker I’ve followed up via email.


Hello Cameron, I placed my order 1,125 days ago and have yet to receive the product. Unfortunately, I no longer have use for it and have been trying to get my refund via support@lockitron.com, with no response.


I placed my order 1,125 days ago and have yet to receive the product. Unfortunately, I no longer have use for it and have been trying to get my refund via support@lockitron.com, with no response.


Me too. Along with hundreds of others, I suspect.


Emails to support@lockitron, hello@lockitron, orders@lockitron, all go unanswered. I would like a refund after waiting over 3 years for my preorder. My order was not part of the crowdfunding campaign, yet I’m still without my unit, and now that I don’t want it, no one returns my emails.


@cameron - i saw you had replied on another thread. Any chance Anthony and I could get some help?


A number of folks have been in an out of office over the last month slowing this stuff down. A few things to note - because we have just confirmed that all remaining crowdfunded units and preorders are in production(yep, we’re trying to do one big batch), we won’t be processing cancellations until after we’ve completed backordered shipments.

We’ve frozen the number of units we’re producing and funds have already been allocated to make each of these units.

@Anthony_Loh since we noted we would refund you via email a while ago, this has been processed.


Thank you cameron, I received my refund today.

I can tell you that I never received any such email confirmation of a refund and I’ve been checking a few times a week. When was this email sent and from what email address?


@cameron wait, so you’re saying you’re going to ignore all cancellation requests now until some unknown date in the future?


@techoguy since all orders are in production, they’re now past the point at which we’re cancelling them.


You guys said you can cancel anytime. I guess that’s not true either.


@techoguy we’ve left a massively reasonable amount of time for folks to cancel their orders if they like. Now that the capital is being spent for all the remaining units in one shot, we’re past a reasonable window. We’ve been noting this for 2012 orders for the last few months as we’ve already shipped some by accident to users who cancelled at the last minute. Unfortunately that isn’t sustainable for us.


@cameron I’m sorry but where have you been noting this for the last few months? I haven’t received any emails or updates regarding my order. I sent email requests in the past asking for updates with no responses. I still have no idea when it’s supposed to ship. It doesn’t matter if it’s a reasonable window or not, it’s what you promise your customer, in this case, your company said you can cancel at any time now you’re saying that’s not true. Frankly i’ve been patiently waiting because I like to support startups but I’m starting to think otherwise as I continue to see false advertising and repeated complaints. What happens to all the people once they get a product and need support?

Also, take note that while you say the window is past to get a refund, isn’t anyone able to return the product for a refund within the first 30 days? If so, wouldn’t it make more sense to cancel that order before hand so it can simply be sold to the next person in line instead of getting an opened box back? Just a thought.

I’m wanting to request a refund at this point but i’m afraid of how long it’ll take