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Refund Questions


@techoguy we’ve noted it in direct email communications with customers from late 2012 who have reached out to us via support. Now, as of today, I’m explaining why this is problematic for us above (shipping out units that were cancelled) and that the rest of the units are now being completed and as such we need to lock in the rest of the orders.

Yes, you can return after you receive the unit, however, that ensures that we get your Lockitron back before processing a refund (and, if still sealed can send to another customer).


hi @cameron thanks for your reply. I hadn’t received any notification that the cancellation date had past nor have I received any notification that there was a cliff for the cancellation process. I’m happy to receive the unit and at that point refund it (I understand the complexities of the supply chain and I can wait for my refund), provided that Lockitron will cover the shipping back? Can you confirm if this will be the case? thanks.


I have officially requested a refund for my order. The email was sent today to support@lockitron.com.
And just a notice, if you say you are not going to accept my cancellation I just want to point out this is on my receipt email from my original order 3 years ago:

"You can request a refund at support@lockitron.com until your order ships"
My order has not shipped, so I expect this to be honored.

I do hope for a timely processing of this request as well. If an order is shipped to me I will expect a shipping label from Lockitron to ship it back.

If you are still concerned about products being shipped to people that have canceled then the process for canceling should be updated on your end and. a simple cancel button on the dashboard should be added and any outgoing orders should be checked against that. Any orders already in process can simply be shipped to the next person in line and they can be happy to get it sooner than later.



I have canceled my order with an email and still no response and no refund please go ahead and cancel the order as I couldn’t wait any more, and just went an ordered the august lock which works great by the way



@onlymehdi I just followed up via email.


Hi Cameron,

I sent my cancellation email yesterday and haven’t gotten any response yet. can you take a look on that?



Hello? Anyone? No reply here. No reply via email. @pmg @cameron


ditto. i’m an oct 2012 backer and also backed this second generation bolt & bridge. however i no longer need as this has take much too long so asked for a refund, but the response was that mine was going to ship soon.

the policy is to honor refunds PRIOR to shipment so please advise @cameron

Order #101720689



@onlymp5 @jayjcov @DaveC looks like support followed up via support@lockitron.com which is still the best place to reach out; see my note above -

A few things to note - because we have just confirmed that all remaining crowdfunded units and preorders are in production(yep, we’re trying to do one big batch), we won’t be processing cancellations until after we’ve completed backordered shipments.

We’ve frozen the number of units we’re producing and funds have already been allocated to make each of these units.


I have also send the email to cancel my order…this lockitron thing looks more like a scam. I will contact my credit card company if I dont get my money back.


It is 100% not a scam. Bolt is real, works great and you will love it when you get it! trust me! i know the wait is frustrating, but at the end, itll be worth the wait.


Good morning,

I’ll skip a rant and just simply ask for a refund. Will someone please let me know how to go about getting a refund on my order? It’s been waiting for close to three years now and would like to get my money back.



@cameron I requested my cancellation more than 2 months ago now. I continue emailing “support” and my last response from them was Oct 22, and even then they were still trying to get me to take the order instead of my cancellation. I have responded a few times since then with no response. I have still not received the product even though the promised ship date has come and gone again.

I want my refund. I no longer want to support a company that continues to miss lead new customers with false advertising of delivery dates on their site, and a company that can’t respond to their customers compliants in a timely manner. I just want my promised refund so we can both part ways. Can you let me do that?


@techoguy @edstranks see above, quoted here. I’ll make a note with folks to follow up on your ticket.


@Cameron again, i will remind you that when the order was placed it said we can cancel anytime before shipment so your statement quoted above if held true means we were again sold on false statements. I requested my cancellation 2 months ago. Supposedly I should have my Bold+bridge by now as well based on statements before and yet I still don’t have it when my order was placed back in 2012 and I have not received any acknowledgement that my refund will be processed. I have not received any notification of shipment or anything like that.

Please process my refund now per the original agreement.


@cameron when will backorder shipments be completed? By what date?


@techoguy see http://community.lockitron.com/t/bolt-shipping-updates/2110/314; domestic orders are what’s relevant for you since that’s where we’ve accidentally shipped “cancelled” orders and can’t do so going forward.


@Cameron So i have to wait another 2 months to get my refund, 4 months total because you’re afraid you’ll ship me a lock even after my order has been canceled?

So what happens if you don’t ship them all in December and another problem is found or there’s another delay? Do we have to just continue waiting?


@techoguy we’ve left a massively reasonable amount of time for folks to cancel their orders if they like. Now that the capital is being spent for all the remaining units in one shot, we’re past a reasonable window. We’ve been noting this for 2012 orders for the last few months as we’ve already shipped some by accident to users who cancelled at the last minute. Unfortunately that isn’t sustainable for us.


@cameron Could you please follow up with my refund request ? Sent email to support but got no rely.