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Refund silence?


Hello, I have been waiting since 2013. My order has not shipped. I used to get response from Aldwin, but have had radio silence since his offer for a refund on October 21. I have contacted the support email, as well as the facebook to no avail. I was told to buy the bolt and bridge at Target and get refunded for that, I’m giving up on that route because this has been so insane. Please refund my original order.

We wanted to let you know that we successfully completed a payment to Apigy Inc. for $179.00 on Sep 12, 2013. This payment is related to the payment authorization listed below:

Payment details:

Transaction ID: 1849RUZG112O3JNA6ERT5B7HIMVB9GDQ1JE
Recipient: Apigy Inc.
Amount: $179.00
For: You’re preordering a Lockitron. Your card will be charged within 24-48 hours. You can request a refund at support@lockitron.com until your order ships. For international orders, additional costs for shipping will be noted in your dashboard.

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