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Schlage Connect Keypad / Z-Wave Compatible Lock on Sale!



For those of you who would like an alternative to your Lockitron (or if you are still using the crowdfunded Lockitron, and would prefer to have a device of the color scheme of your choosing, since they are no longer producing non-black faceplates), there’s an alternative on sale today via Amazon that’s pretty rock solid!

This doesn’t run on Wifi, but instead works with any Z-Wave compatible hub you have (if you want that functionality), which will allow you to control it over your phone / automate it as you wish. Even more - the battery life is supposed to last well over a year! No longer are you stuck with a black, out of place coverplate. You can actually get the one that you want that matches your home!

I understand the Lockitron guys are working hard on the new device, and I do hope that it’s successful for them. But I cannot wait any longer, and have decided to look elsewhere at other options. The Schlage looks like a great alternative, and I’m looking forward to giving it a shot and see how well it interacts with my Z-Wave SmartThings system! Especially on a steep discount today, it was enough to convince me to make the purchase!

I’m super excited, and look forward to getting mine in the mail in 2 days!


please let us know how you like it once installed.


I love it! Installation was super easy, and I had it installed within a half hour of it being delivered a few weeks ago.

IMMEDIATE response via the super low-powered Z-wave protocol is the best part about it. I have it connected to my SmartThings hub, and I have a Rails-based dashboard it’s connected to as well. Having the ability to hit lock / unlock on the SmartThings app or the dashboard, and have the lock IMMEDIATELY lock or unlock is the best part. No more waiting up to 30 minutes for the damn thing to respond to my requests.

I have some triggers in place too, so if my wife and I leave the home zone, it’ll automatically lock if we hadn’t locked it already, and it’ll automatically unlock if one of us comes back within the home zone.

Another great thing about it is the battery life. I struggled to get the Lockitron to keep batteries for more than a few weeks. Maybe it’s because I got one of the earlier ones? I don’t know… But this has been going on like a champ for 3 weeks now, and is still at 100% battery life. With an expected battery life of greater than a year (obviously dependent on the number of times you make the actuator lock / unlock your door), this is awesome!

Instant response, incredible battery life, integration with other SmartThings devices… Can’t go wrong! I love mine.