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I have a feeling it’s both app and firmware that’s causing to fail. Before this, everything was working great day in, day out. Nothing changed in our behavior or phone except the Lockitron updates.

To date, one day it works the next time it doesn’t. Then the next day it works again, then not again.


@Nadforever could you enable Sense diagnostic messages?


did that it now works alot better alittle slow at times. do i have to keep this function on or can i go back to normal so I am not getting like 4 notifications before i get to my door?


@Nadforever huh, that shouldn’t impact Sense’s performance at all. Maybe disable and see how it goes?


@cameron Any updates on this issue? It continues to be a problem for me and was the main feature I purchased the Bolt for.


Yeah same issue on my side since the last firmware update (I think).
Sense with Proximity Unlock was working around 5/6 of the time and then it’s more like 1/30 of the time. Tried everything like the others in this thread, disabling the BT eager connection make it works 1/15, a bit better, but still not reliable!



@ccharest @Jczippy are you on iOS? See Beta - iOS App 3.5.10 - there is a new button to test Sense. It will help us to isolate if your problem is due to geofences failing or Bluetooth failing.



Ok, after a few days with the latest version with the Diagnostics turned to On, I found out a few things. (iPhone 6s)
Btw, is there a log I can send you? It seems I only gets notification, but they are erased when I open the Lockitron App, so I’ll approximate what I received:

Lockitron app always detects when I exit and enter my zone.
But, after that, when not opening (90%+ of the time), I have:

  • Bluetooth Authentification failed (but I can open it right after with the Widget or the app)
  • I entered and left my zone within 10 minutes. Even if I didn’t go to my door/lock (I arrived in my garage, went outside a bit, then enter my place). That 10 minutes timer should be configurable (I live downtown next to everything, so going out for 5 minutes to buy some stuff is usual) and also be active only if I opened/closed the lock before.
  • Nothing at all, no message after saying I entered my zone. Yesterday, I stayed 1 minute in front of my door and nothing, no Authentification failed, no 10 minutes timer.

I’ll keep you posted If I find something new.


@ccharest that’s super helpful. Do you see one of those 3 cases the most (i.e. authentication failed or 10 minutes)?


@cameron, I would say the Authentification is the most recurring. It happened again tonight, see my screenshot:


I have the exact same problem. I always get the “Failed to Authenticate” message. But if I unlock the door from the app or the widget right after, it works.
Yesterday, I removed my lockitron from my account and add it back. But I will know tonight if that solved the problem or not.


Today’s Failed Authentication:


It’s clear we are all having the same “Failed to Authenticate to ‘Lockitron’” issue despite being able to (a) enter region and (b) connect to lock per my posting last July 30th above.


A new one Tonight!

My phone was charging in my car in the garage, but wasn’t connected to my lock (too far).
My Lockitron Lock is not connected or charging from anything.


@ccharest - This one means that because the phone is charging, it won’t use Sense to unlock the lock. I run in to this when I’m charging my phone in the car and I arrive at home.

This was put in to basically “protect” you from having an accidental unlock overnight. The idea is that if your phone is charging, it’s most likely at home, and if it loses/gets GPS position, it could cause it to think you left/entered the area, and unlock.


After removing the lock from my account and add it back, I still have the same problem with authentication:


I agree with the desired protection, but maybe not on the way of doing it.
People with cars that have parking space / garage at their place will often be in their Sense Radius when they’ll come back home (I have 100m, the minimum available).
My parking is in the condo basement, I live on the third floor and it’s all concrete around.
That configuration means that Sense won’t ever work each time I arrive home with my car, as most people with a smart phone, I connect my phone to my car to listen music/have a GPS.
Luckily for me, I don’t use my car often, mostly to go out of town to do sport and buying big things. But, that’s probably the time I need Sense to work the most, as I arrive with skis, a bicycle, big boxes. It happened to me with my road bicycle Today.

So, I would suggest to find another way to protect Lockiron app from a bag GPS signal!

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